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Road to Interchange: Karen Zunkowski

Interchange Madrid is less than 90 days away, followed shortly by Interchange Nashville. So to celebrate, we’re kicking off a brand new podcast and blog series: “The Road to Interchange.” The goal of the series is to pull back the curtain on Interchange and give you a sneak peek into the inner work


5 Reasons to Attend Interchange 2019 Madrid

The end of 2018 is fast approaching and with it our first big event of 2019 – Ivanti Interchange Madrid, March 11-14. Preparations are in full swing – registrations are growing, there’s more exciting content being added to the Interchange website every day, and our product gurus are working feverish


Halloween at Ivanti: Not Your Normal Office Celebration

Sure, Interchange is a big deal. SKO is important, too. But while the rest of the year is focused on The Power of Unified IT™, the fall months are centered around The Power of Ivanti Halloween™.  Mid-August is about when the planning starts. Departments choose a theme, set a budget, and start makin