The highly engaged and connected culture that drives Ivanti’s 3,000 employees to give their customers the best service possible has been recognized with the Best of Simpplr 2024 award for most creative use of the intranet.

After a spirited competition driven by weekly challenges shared on the Ivanti’s Simpplr-based intranet, three Ivanti employees were crowned Vision Pitch Champions:

  • Elja van de Stolpe, growth marketing manager.
  • Mohsin Bhanwadia, principal enterprise account director.
  • Jill Rabach, senior partner sales director

Fun competition demonstrates shared purpose

Ivanti’s winning campaign got its start from feedback gleaned through the 2023 annual employee engagement survey. Ivantians asked for a better understanding of their role in bringing Ivanti’s market vision to life – and that quickly turned into the companywide Ivanti Vision Competition.  

Ivanti’s leadership team quickly embraced the competition, first by communicating Ivanti’s vision story to employees, then by taking part in the competition alongside their employees. To help Ivantians succeed in the competition, the intranet competition page was stocked with information and resources that included executive leaders’ video pitches, a study guide and Ivanti’s official vision PowerPoint deck. 

The company then divided into five teams that undertook weekly team challenges to encourage friendly competition. They updated the team leaderboard on the Ivanti Everywhere site at the end of each day to motivate employee participation. The weekly team challenges included a scavenger hunt, a game of VisionLib, crossword puzzles and a knowledge quiz.

  • We recorded a participation rate of 41% – a stark contrast to our typical internal campaign engagement rate of around 18%.
  • In Q4 alone, Ivanti's Vision Intranet site received over 4,500 views and had an increase in usage by 14%.
  • Among 108 sites on Ivanti’s intranet, the Vision Competition site was the second most visited.

Our winners speak

Each of the three competition winners saw the challenge as a way to sharpen their ability to connect with Ivanti customers and address their unique needs. 

“I jumped into the competition with two clear goals, firstly to dive headfirst into understanding Ivanti’s products and vision,” said van de Stolpe. “It was crucial to me to grab the essence of what Ivanti stood for. Secondly, I saw this as an opportunity to step out of my comfort zone ... and showcase my enthusiasm in an active and engaging way.”  

Meanwhile, Bhanwadia “decided to be part of the Ivanti Vision Challenge because in my previous role I was just managing one particular product line of RBVM solutions, and this was a perfect platform to learn more about Ivanti.”  

And for Rabach, the competition was a means to “write a pitch that was really relevant and would resonate with my customers. It helped me adapt to what our customers want and what our company’s role in the market is (and create) a message that will ring true and catch the attention of my partners so that they can communicate it to their customers.” 

Hear the winners in their own words.

Ivanti employees earn 2024 Simpplr award for Most Creative Use of Intranet