Women in Tech

Getting From Women Vs. Women to Women Supporting Women

Women in technology is not only a huge trend, it’s an important movement for the progression of women in a perceived male-dominated environment. The gender pay gap is slowly but surely closing and we are being treated with more respect. So why is it that some women often find other women the most d


The Rise of Contract Work and the Virtual Office—One Woman's Experience Going 'IT' Alone

Long-term Ivanti contractor, Sharon Munday, On Your Case Ltd, highlights the pros and cons of working under contractor status in IT. At some stage, women in IT may face the decision to go it alone. There is no other industry like IT facilitating the rise of the contract worker, and chances are, it


Ivanti Employee Becomes STEM Ambassador

Since it’s volunteer week, I thought I’d share that I very recently became a STEM ambassador. It had been one of those things I’d always wanted to do but had never quite gotten around to. Ivanti promotes STEM volunteering, giving employees two days a year. This was the nudge—ok, shove—I finally need


Overcoming Imposter Syndrome — You Are Not a Fraud

Imposter syndrome is a subject that comes up time and time again when I am chatting to women in tech and it seems to me that it affects more people than we realize—me included. The term was coined by Suzanne A. Imes and clinical psychologist Pauline R. Clance in 1978 and it is a concept which descr