Women in Tech

Highlights from the #MySuperPower Women in Tech Campaign

Last week I spent three days at my desk with a massive smile plastered across my face. I couldn’t stop exclaiming with excitement and pure joy. Seriously, ask my cubicle mate. Every 10 minutes, I’d say, “Cuuuuute!” or, “OMG LOVE HER,” or just a simple, “Awh!” I even threw out an occasional, “YASSS Q


Who Inspires You? Women in Tech Share Their Stories

There is a lot of talk at the moment about how positive role models can help encourage young girls to pursue exciting careers in technology. The current results of our Women in Technology survey show that over 46% of the 500+ respondents answered the question: "What inspired you to get into technol


#MySuperPower – Own Your Strengths

Being a woman in technology can be a lot of things – exciting, a learning opportunity, difficult, empowering, discouraging. Chances are, you’ve probably felt a myriad of conflicting emotions in your career as a woman in technology. With the challenges of being a women in tech, it can be easy to feel