Women in Tech

Wins for Women in 2018

I have mixed feelings about being a woman in 2018. There were times that I felt pretty downtrodden, like no matter how hard women work, they always seem to draw the short straw. Even though there have been some tough moments this year, there were some pretty incredible ones as well. So, to celebrate


Freezing out Women in the Workplace

I once watched a survival show on TV where the mountain man host had to spend the cold winter night in the woods. I watched as he showed viewers how to survive eight hours in the bitter cold. I struggled to see what was so special about his quest, considering any woman in the workplace faces a simil


Diversity and the Coming Digital Economy

It has been clear for many years now that a more diverse group will make better decisions. There will be less bias—or, at least, the individuals’ personal biases will cancel each other out, rather than reinforce each other—and more perspectives will be brought to bear, improving the information avai


What Skills You Need to Be Successful in Tech

In Ivanti’s recent survey about Women in Tech, participating women shared what they thought is the most important skill to have in order to work in a technology-related field: A desire to learn An enthusiasm for understanding how things work An ability to communicate effectively about complex s


What Inspired Women to Get Into Technology

The results from our survey were very interesting. When asked how they got into the field of technology, 46% of the women surveyed said that they "just fell into it". Some people at Ivanti were shocked at this, but I’m not that surprised. How many schoolchildren really know what they want to be whe