inforgraphic: 20/20 predictionsIf you're one of the lucky ones, 2019 was a great year for you. All the fortune cookies came true, and for that, we're happy for you. Some of us were not as lucky, as our fortune cookies were full of lies and false hopes. Simply hearing the word "2019" is so triggering we need a safe space. Deep breaths—2020 will be better.

Regardless of anyone's personal experience with 2019, one thing is for sure regarding this little corner of the internet: the Ivanti blog totally slayed. It was fire, as the kids say. We reached our highest number ever for blog visits and social shares. Topics varied from event highlights and culture to product updates and security, with tons in between.

So before we dive headfirst into the whole new world of blog content for 2020, let's take one last look at the top 10 blogs from 2019.

1. BlueKeep, the Global Cyber Security Threat We Can Still Prevent

Let's be honest, cyber attacks are good for the blog, and BlueKeep was no exception. Chris Goettl and Brian Secrist provided regular status updates as the BueKeep scare unfolded.

2. Just Released, 2019 Gartner Magic Quadrant for ITSM Tools

Every year Gartner puts out an analysis of top vendors in the ITSM market. It's the trusted resource IT leaders use to select tools to meet their specific needs. In other words, it's a big deal—hence this post getting the silver medal.

3. Color October with IT Security All Over

This was our kick-off blog for Cybersecurity Awareness Month in October, wherein we published two security related posts per day for the entire month of October. It also contains links to some of those blogs, so feel free to embrace this Inception-style format by reading blogs within blogs.

4. NEW! Set Windows 10 Default Apps with Ivanti Environment Manager

Windows 10 is a fan favorite among our readership. This post by Ollie Sills includes helpful screenshots to help simplify the administration of Windows 10.

5. The Definitive British Biscuit Ranking (According to an American)

Are you looking for hot takes from a hilarious American on British biscuits? Look no further than this post by Erica Azad, US-turned-UK-based employee, whose knack for breaking down cultural food preferences can also be seen in posts like The Ivanti UK Team Reviews American Snacks and The Definitive British Crisp Ranking (According to an American).

6. Ivanti Cache Roaming For Virtual Sessions – 2018.3 Service Pack 1 Update

Back to a product analysis, because we're nothing if not versatile. This post by Oliver Giordimaina talks about the first in-product cache roaming capabilities in Ivanti Environment Manager. 

7. 2019 Is the Year of Windows 10

At the beginning of 2019, we published a bunch of content summarizing our predictions for the future of IT. Since hindsight is 2020, it would appear as though Adam Smith was correct in his title on this seventh most viewed post of the year.

8. Cyber Attacks Cause Statewide Emergency in Louisiana

Last summer there was a massive cyber attack against three school districts in Louisiana. We asked security expert Phil Richards to provide commentary and prevention tactics.

9. Profile Containers – A Remedy, Not a Cure

AppSense O.G. Phil Lawson has his thumb on the pulse of all things Environment Manager, and this post provides expert insights and screenshots into how to manage user profiles across the Windows desktop. 

10. A Walk Through Cache Walker's Journey at Ivanti

"Ivanti family" is a phrase commonly used to descrive Ivanti culture by employees, customers, and partners alike. It's something we're extremely proud of and strive to maintain in everything we do. This post in particular highlights the people-over-payroll aspect of Ivanti. 

We hope you enjoyed this recap of the top blogs from 2019! We promise to deliver even more awesome content this year that will keep you coming back for more.