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Patching in Review – Week 27

Only a few days before the monthly holiday! What holiday you ask? Why, Patch Tuesday of course! That’s everyone’s favorite holiday, right? No? Is it just me? Before I get into the patches, our security team has been consistently providing us with a new article or interesting content we could share.


Patching in Review – Week 26

This week brings us right between June’s and July’s patch Tuesdays, but that doesn’t mean the updates stop coming. Although Microsoft was free of any notable CVEs, other vendors remediated critical vulnerabilities. Security also transcends patching only and needs to be considered in all facets of y


June Patch Tuesday Frequently Asked Questions

When it comes to June Patch Tuesday, it started relatively simple and got more and more complex as the day went on. You can hear about it on Ivanti’s Patch Tuesday Analysis webinar and in our analysis blog post. If you’ve never been on a Patch Tuesday webinar before, you should hit up next month’s.