Supercharge your team with ours.

Our Ivanti Advantage team takes a proactive, deep-dive approach to customer service. From enterprise-level strategy to IT-level troubleshooting and beyond, our experts work alongside you to ensure that your Ivanti solutions are delivering game-changing results for you, your workforce and your business.

Advantage: You

Think of Ivanti Advantage as an extension of your own team, working with the same single-minded mission: delivering better outcomes and helping you realize value at every step of your journey. It’s an Advantage you won’t find anywhere else.

Anytime. Everywhere. End to end.

Ivanti’s Advantage team is here to ensure our solutions deliver exceptional experiences over the entire lifecycle of your partnership with us. You can reach us anytime, everywhere through online communities, training and knowledge bases, or by scheduling technical assistance with our experts.

A team for your team

Ivanti Advantage gives you a deeply experienced and versatile group of professionals focused on both your immediate and long-range needs: from accelerating adoption to problem-solving to helping you define your big-picture goals and co-creating solutions to achieve them. Your team, with twice the power. That’s Ivanti Advantage.

Ivanti Advantage Services

Ivanti Advantage gives you access to four key services, each one designed to optimize user experiences and business outcomes throughout your journey with Ivanti.

Customer Success

With Ivanti, your success is our fixation. Our Customer Success Managers work with your stakeholders to understand where you are and where you need to go, then find solutions to get you there. We’ll help you get to success—any way you define it.

Professional Services

Our Professional Services team is where the rubber meets the roadmap. We combine our business and technical expertise to drive outcome-focused implementation, helping you maximize your return on your Ivanti investment.


Consider our Support team an ongoing partner in your success. If and when an issue arises, we work relentlessly until it’s resolved. We’ve won awards by winning what’s most important: the absolute trust and confidence of our customers.


We offer on-demand learning for in-demand skills with a suite of educational resources—accessible anywhere, anytime—enabling you to master Ivanti solutions as you build your professional expertise. 

Your Advantage starts here.

Connect with us to learn how we can support you in upleveling your IT and cybersecurity estate.