Ivanti Customer Support FAQs

Ivanti offers a range of customer service and support levels to meet your operational requirements. Customers who purchase a maintenance contract also have access to a tiered support program. The levels of the program have been carefully designed to ensure that customers can select the level that best fits their needs. You can upgrade at any time.

Support Programs

What are the Ivanti Support programs?

Ivanti offers Support and Maintenance for purchase on an annual basis. Support packages provide you a resource who will answer questions regarding installation, standard product configuration and use of your solution. Maintenance entitles you to download and use the most recent versions of the Software you have purchased.

What are the different Support levels?

Ivanti’s Support Services consist of software upgrade protection, support and maintenance, additional assigned support personnel, and professional services.

As you move up from Standard Support to Premium Support to Enterprise Support to Success Squad you will receive additional benefits, including access to designated Ivanti resources and faster response times.

Read the support overview for details.

How are the Severity levels defined?

Severity 1 - “Urgent”

Severity Level 1 means a Case where, notwithstanding proper installation and use of the Ivanti product(s): (a) a substantial portion of the Ivanti product(s) does not operate and cannot be restarted; (b) there is an Error in a major program function that renders such major program function completely unusable; or (c) there is an Error that causes a third-party, mission-critical application to be unstable.

Severity 2 - “High Service Impact”

Severity Level 2 means a Case where, notwithstanding proper installation and use of the Ivanti product(s), there is an Error in a major program function causing significant impact to the Ivanti product(s) such that the Ivanti product(s) is difficult but not impossible to use.

Severity 3 - “Medium Service Impact”

Severity Level 3 means a Case where, notwithstanding proper installation and use of the Ivanti product(s): (a) there is non-critical degradation of performance or function in the Ivanti product(s); or (b) there are minor intermittent problems in the Ivanti product(s). A commercially reasonable workaround may be available.

Severity 4 - “Low Service Impact”

Severity Level 4 means all requests for an enhancement to, information, questions, or documentation issues concerning one or more Software or Errors with little or no effect on normal operation of the Ivanti product(s).

What are the different Ivanti advisory resources and how do they support me?

We have many expert resources to help you in implementing, using and optimizing your solution to ensure you get the most value from your investment.

Technical Relationship Manager (TRM)

Your technical product advisor. A TRM drives product adoption and value.

  • Provides technical advice and best practices on how to best leverage solutions.
  • Helps maintain and expand solutions through Health Checks, Gap Analysis, Upgrade enablement and new feature adoption.
  • Delivers technical enablement across your teams.
Customer Success Manager (CSM)

Your strategic, business focused Ivanti advocate. A CSM ensures you achieve your desired business outcomes.

  • Champions your needs with Ivanti Support, Services, and Product teams.
  • Develops success and adoption plans, including education, company usage maturity, and process improvement recommendations.
  • Shares best practices and connects you with other companies like you.
Designated Enterprise Support Engineer (DSE)

Your route to faster issue resolution. A DESE resolves issues quickly and efficiently when they arise.

  • Advocates for you on active support cases.
  • Understands your specific deployment and environment details.
  • Proactively recommends solutions and provides personalized insights.

What are the Technical Relationship Manager offerings?

The TRM service is a subscription-based offering. Four packages are available:

Packages Basic Premier Enterprise Dedicated
Hours to be used proportionally across 12 months 96 Hours 192 Hours 384 Hours 1600 Hours
On-site (as needed) Not included* Up to 25%; up to 2 on-site visits Up to 25%; up to 4 on-site visits Up to 25% as needed
Travel expenses n/a Included Included Included
Advantage Learning online subscriptions 1 2 3 6
Primary Services Person Assigned Yes Yes Yes Yes
Multi-Product Coverage n/a Yes Yes Yes
Multiple Services Personnel Assigned (as needed)** n/a 1-2 1-2 1-3
Number of Product Lines*** 1 2 2 3
Duration 12 months 12 months 12 months 12 months

*Subject to regional travel policies.
**The number of Service Consultants assigned to an engagement varies based upon the number of products selected and the timing of implementation. The total hours purchased can be distributed between Service Consultants and used as needed throughout the engagement.
***The number of Ivanti Product Lines that can be supported by Service Consultants at one time.

The initial period for TRM coverage begins on the purchase date and ends one (1) year thereafter. To ensure uninterrupted use of any TRM offering purchased by a customer, the TRM services shall automatically renew for additional one (1) year periods unless either party provides written notice not to auto-renew the TRM offering to the other party at least sixty (60) days before the end of any TRM period. Any unused TRM days and training vouchers expire at the end of each annual period.

In addition to the TRM service, you can get fast time to value by purchasing our Packaged Services - foundational, fixed fee implementations focused on your business outcomes.

You can find more information on our Technical Advisory services and our other Professional Service offerings at https://www.ivanti.com/services/professional-services

How can I change my current support level?

Support levels are reviewed and may be adjusted at the end of the Support Term, any Renewal Term, and any time customer purchases additional Support Services.

I’ve purchased support through a partner, what am I entitled to?

  • Assisted technical support from the partner that you purchased your software through.
  • Access to the online Ivanti Community, providing 24x7 availability to the knowledge base and product forums for self-service support.
  • Access to software downloads via the Ivanti Community.

Watch video: Using the Ivanti Community to troubleshoot issues.

Contacting Support

How do I connect with Ivanti Support?

Please visit the Ivanti Customer Success Portal. Here you can submit new cases, check on existing cases, connect directly with us on the phone, as well as access a wealth of information about our products. NOTE: You must register for Ivanti Community before you can submit a support case.

What are the business hours for Ivanti Support?

“Business Hours” means the normal business hours, Monday through Friday (excluding Ivanti holidays) in the Ivanti support center for the region specified below (based on Licensee’s primary office location). A current list of Regional Business hours and contact options is available on the Ivanti Community.

What are the Ivanti holidays?

Holidays are days when Ivanti is not open for business. For a list of Ivanti holidays, please refer to the Ivanti Community. On a published holiday, Ivanti Support is available for Severity 1 issues for customers with an eligible 24x7 support program.


How is a “Case” classified?

A “Case” is a single support issue with a Ivanti product and the reasonable effort needed to resolve it. A single support issue cannot be divided into sub-problems regardless of the amount of effort required to resolve the issue. If an issue consists of multiple problems, a separate Case will be required to solve each problem. Ivanti shall determine what constitutes a Case on a case-by-case basis.

What kind of response times can I expect for my Case(s)?

For a list of expected response times, please view Ivanti’s Support and Maintenance Services Supplemental Terms.

When can I submit questions and a Case via the Self Service Portal?

Ivanti has a 24/7 “follow-the-sun” maintenance and support model.  This means that customers may submit issues and questions to Ivanti 24 hours a day, 365 days a year via the Service Portal.*

* Please note – Your maintenance and customer support times may vary from the 24/7 “Follow-the-sun” support model if you are a FedRamp customer or if your business requires in-country local support.

From the portal, you can:

  • Submit a Web Case: This will operate the same way it has on our portal previously.
  • Submit a Callback Request: “Call me as soon as you’re available.”
    • When you choose this option, your request will be placed in our queue and we’ll connect with you in the order the request was received. The main difference? You don’t have to wait on hold. We’ll call you.
  • Submit a Callback Request: “Call me now.”
    • This will ring your phone immediately and place you in queue. This is basically the same way our phones worked before, but now our engineers will have all your information up front, and you won’t have to navigate a phone menu to get to the right team.

When is phone support available? 

Support via a phone call back is available during Ivanti business hours. Premium, Enterprise and Success Squad customers are entitled to 24x7 phone support (for P1 Critical issues only).

Support for Versions

What versions of software are supported?

To receive support services, customers must be using the current version or a prior version of the Ivanti products still being supported by Ivanti. Ivanti’s currently supported versions and End of Life timelines are specified on the Product End of Life Information on the Ivanti Community. It is your sole responsibility to properly install each Ivanti update and Ivanti upgrade within the appropriate time limits.

How can I be alerted of new versions and fixes?

Ivanti provides email alerts for issues such as technical updates, patches, utilities, and documents. Follow the directions in the How To: Subscribe to Ivanti Community Group Notifications article to set up your notification alerts. Ivanti is not liable for any failure of customer to receive alerts, including due to failure of e-mail systems or Internet connectivity.

Protecting your Information

How does Ivanti Technical Support handle confidential information?

Ivanti is committed to user privacy in all its communications regarding its products and services. Full information on how we collect and use data and can be found in the Ivanti Privacy Policy.

Additional Support Services Information

The provision of Support Services does not extend or modify the limited warranty (if any) for any Ivanti products. Support Services, Updates, and Upgrades do not include any type of installation, deployment, or application assistance for unique requirements or environments. Ivanti does not represent, warrant, or guarantee that any of the Support Services provided hereunder or the referenced response times will correct or resolve any error within any specific time period. When notifying Ivanti of any suspected error, customer must provide Ivanti with detailed information about the error, including an example, the context in which it was encountered, details of customer’s system configuration, and the steps necessary to generate or reproduce the error. If requested by Ivanti, customer shall permit Ivanti or its representative full access to customer’s implementation of the Ivanti product and the system on which it is installed so that Ivanti can carry out the support services.

Ivanti shall be under no obligation to furnish the support services or provide access to updates and upgrades to the extent that such support or updates are required as a result of: (i) the operation of the Ivanti products in environmental conditions or configurations outside those described in the documentation; (ii) Customer’s material failure to maintain the Ivanti products in accordance with the standards prescribed in the documentation; or (iii) causes unrelated to the Ivanti product as delivered to you by Ivanti, including without limitation, unauthorized modifications to the Ivanti product, made by customer or on customer’s behalf.

No guarantees are provided herein and it does not to serve as a service level agreement for maintenance and support services.  The content provided herein is considered proprietary and belongs solely to Ivanti, Inc. and its affiliates (“Ivanti”) and may not be disclosed or copied without prior written consent of Ivanti.  Ivanti has the right to modify the content of this Ivanti Customer Support FAQ related to the product specifications and descriptions at any time, without any notice.  Ivanti makes no warranty for the use of this document and assumes no responsibility for any errors that can appear in the document, nor does it make a commitment to update the information contained herein. For the most current product information, please visit www.Ivanti.com.