Success Squad

A Plan for Your Success

With the Success Squad, you get a designated team of experts with in-depth knowledge of your environment and a customised Success Plan to see results fast.

Your designated multi-disciplinary team

Success Squad Captain
A Customer Success Manager drives adoption, makes sure you get the best of Ivanti, champions your Ivanti Advantage Success Plan and leads the Squad.

Proactive Tech Services
A professional services consultant acts as an extension of your technical services team and proactively drives the tech roadmap for adoption.

Reactive Tech Support
A designated support engineer who understands your environment tracks and troubleshoots your open issues.

success squad team

Personalised success plan

Your Success Squad will develop and implement a customised Success Plan to achieve your desired outcomes faster. It includes:

  • Current state assessment.
  • Desired state and goals.
  • Milestones, accountabilities and contingencies.
  • Informal progress checks bi-weekly.
  • Formal business reviews quarterly (in line with your preferences).
  • Additional personalised elements.
success plan

Educational services

We’ll help your team develop the expertise needed to maximise the effectiveness of your Ivanti solution.

Included in your Success Squad offering:

educational services

Your first 90 days

Current state assessment

We examine your current practices, desired outcomes and technical and cultural considerations. We create an inventory and an assessment of the current state.

Ivanti Advantage Success Plan with your Squad

Your squad builds a personalized Success Plan that details your desired state with KPIs, milestones and accountabilities.

Kick-off and implementation

We initiate a series of organized kick-off steps with your leaders and admins. We use a recommended communication cadence that we customize to your preferences.

If I had the Success Squad at the beginning of our journey it would have saved me a year and half of headaches in phase 2.
Manager of Production OperationsWholesale Distributor of Food

Get your own Success Squad

If you’d like to learn more about how our Customer Success team can help maximise your outcomes with Ivanti, let’s connect.