Earlier this week, Shavlik announced the release of Shavlik Patch for Microsoft System Center. As an existing SCUPdates user, this likely left you with a number of questions. Let’s talk about them.

Q: We are using SCUPdates with SCCM 2007. What does this mean to us?

A: Nothing changes for you. You still have all the goodness of SCUPdates just with a shiny new name. If your organization is evaluating moving up to SCCM 2012, read on to see what the future holds.

Q: We are using SCUPdates with SCCM 2012. What does this mean to us?

A: A lot! You read earlier this week about the add-in, its tight integration with SCCM, and how easy it is to install and configure.  Hopefully, you attended our webinar yesterday and saw it in action. If not, check out the following.

  • Learn more about Shavlik Patch here.
  • View quick videos about how to install and configure Shavlik Patch here.
  • Download a free trial of Shavlik Patch here.
  • View user documentation for Shavlik Patch here.

Q: Lovely marketing material…tell me something technical.

A: Special logic has been added within the add-in for patching difficult to handle applications like Java. In the case of Java, you might find that updates often fail because Java doesn’t uninstall correctly when it is running. The Shavlik Patch add-in will

  • Uninstall Java
  • Detect if it was uninstalled incorrectly
  • Schedule the install on reboot if needed
  • Inform the SCCM Agent if a reboot is required

The Shavlik Patch add-in will also handle Apple updates that are bundled in with the QuickTime and iTunes patches such as Apple Mobile Device Support and Apple Application Support.

Q: If I am on SCCM 2012, do I have to switch over to the add-in?

A: No. We think you will want to, but you do not have to. Customers can choose to use the add-in configuration, the catalog file configuration, or even both if that makes sense in your environment. Your choice of configuration does not affect your licensing.

Q: Do we have to pay more to get the new SCCM add-in?

A: Nope, as a current SCUPdates customer, you are entitled to the add-in or the catalog file configuration. You may download the add-in at http://www.shavlik.com/downloads/patch/ and begin using it immediately.

Q: I’ve had this product for a few years and haven’t seen you guys do much of anything with it. Is this release a signal of increased investment by your technology team?

A: Absolutely! Yes, we haven’t had a release in some time, but we have been listening to you. Here’s some things you have been asking for that are addressed with the add-in.

  • Automatically download the catalog files
  • Handle Java better
  • Automate publishing to WSUS

Here’s some other things you have been asking for that are on our roadmap for upcoming releases.

  • Disable auto updaters
  • Expanded product support
  • Support for supercedence