Product updates and releases covered in this newsletter: 

IT Asset Management 

  • Ivanti Asset Manager Essentials 
  • Ivanti License Optimizer 

Service Management 

  • Ivanti Service Manager 2018.1.1 On Premises Release  
  • Zapier integration 

Endpoint Security 

  • Ivanti Patch for SCCM 2.4 Update 1 

Identity & Automation 

  • Ivanti Identity Director 2018.2 
  • Ivanti Automation 2018.2  

User Workspace Management 

  • Ivanti Environment Manager 2018.1 makes Unified Endpoint Management easier 
  • Release the true power of Ivanti Performance Manager 
  • Easing the transition from RES ONE Workspace to Ivanti Environment Manager 

Supply Chain 

  • Ivanti Velocity  


Fast-track your IT Asset Management program with pre-built, cloud-based Asset Manager Essentials  

Why wait? See it in action today!

In last month’s product blog, we announced the availability of the new Ivanti Asset Manager Essentials solution. As a pre-built ITAM solution running in the cloud, Asset Manager Essentials significantly accelerates time to value, enabling you to get full visibility of your IT assets, track contracts, and understand cost of ownership.  

Delivered in a pre-packaged, fixed design, you can enjoy rapid, budget-friendly implementation of Asset Manager Essentials so you can receive out-of-the-box reports and dashboards configured to meet the specific needs of your IT asset management team.  

And on top of the pre-built functionalities, feature updates are automatic in the cloud, removing the administrative headaches around software maintenance that keep your team from focusing on vital IT assets. Why wait, fast-track your IT Asset Management program with Asset Manager Essentials.   

Ivanti License Optimizer 2018.5 boasts improved usability, efficiency, and accuracy 

Benefit from enriched importing capabilities, enhanced algorithms to automatically match users, devices, locations, and contracts 

The recent License Optimizer 2018.4 version included improved backend security functionality. The upcoming 2018.5 version of License Optimizer is all about ease of use, efficiency, and enhanced accuracy: 

Ease of use: License Optimizer’s on-boarding process has been streamlined making it even easier to start optimizing your software estate. Benefit from enhanced user based imports. Advanced UI import templates facilitate import and enable users to quickly map against database attributes. 

Efficiency: No more need to manually match imported users to their devices. With 2018.5 you can automatically create the mapping relationship between the user and their OSI device name. The users import functionality has also been enriched with location data incl. user’s business unit from active directory.  

Accuracy: License Optimizer 2018.5 enriches the algorithms not only for improved mapping of users but also allows imported licenses to be automatically matched to a parent contract where a matched Contract ID is found. This also benefits teaching on Files and Paths pages and improves the search rate.


Ivanti Service Manager 2018.1.1 On Premises Release  

More UI enhancements, extended automation and user mobile app 

The latest version of Ivanti Service Manager for On Premise will soon be available for download. This 2018.1.1 release delivers several new UI enhancements to improve your users’ experience, native integration with Ivanti Automation, and a mobile app to make self-service even easier for your users. 

If you’ve been enjoying the UI enhancements delivered in the previous Service Manager releases, then you’ll love what the team has developed for you. Continuing to deliver on Ivanti’s Responsive UI strategy, this new release streamlines and updates Service Manager’s UI for your analysts, including the dashboard UI. You’ll enjoy more flexibility and control for the ‘look & feel’ and colors for your screens, such as the new ‘donut’ view of pie charts in dashboards. Your users will also enjoy the updates for the self-service and service catalog UIs. Their Home Pages are now easier to configure and provide a more engaging experience and consistent behavior across all devices, such as laptop, tablet or mobile phone. 

Looking to extend automation across Service Manager to other applications in the Ivanti portfolio? Then check out the native integration with Ivanti Automation. With its included Automation Workflow Block, it’s even easier now to include Service Manager activities in automated processes that include other Ivanti applications, automating more manual tasks to reduce costs and errors. Extend the benefits of Ivanti Automation by including connectors for other applications available in the Ivanti Market Place. 

You’re not always at your desk and neither are your customers. Give them the new Ivanti mobile app for Service Manager to stay connected to your service desk wherever they are. Let them use the self-service app to create incidents, check status, submit requests or search for answers to common questions. Make it part of your communication strategy so your users stay productive while they’re on the move, all from the palm of their hand. 

Learn more about the release by viewing the “What’s New” webinar here. Stay on top of Serviced Manager updates by checking the Ivanti Community

Find more Service Manager documentation on the Product Documentation section of the Ivanti website or the Release Notes in the Ivanti Community here

Extend Service Manager’s reach with integrations to over 1,000 applications  

Ivanti and Zapier integration now available 

You’ve been using Service Manager to automate workflows to improve your service delivery inside of IT and beyond. Now Ivanti and Zapier make it easier to connect to other applications to automate more actions to remove even more manual tasks. Zapier is a cloud platform that delivers 1,000 applications that are ready to integrate and work with Service Manager. With the Zapier integration, Service Manager actions like creating a new incident can kick off corresponding actions in connected applications. You’ll be able to create an integration in minutes without coding that’ll allow you to: 

  • Create an incident from a tweet 
  • Send a Slack message when a new incident is created 
  • Broadcast alerts on Twitter when a major incident occurs 
  • And more…. 

The Service Manager integration with Zapier is available and you can access it here, and also look at the Integration Help document here. Look at this blog post here for more information on how to get started with Zapier to connect Service Manager with even more applications. 


Patch for SCCM 2.4 Update 1 is available now 

Check out the latest bugfixes and maintenance updates 

With a host of bugfixes and stability updates included, Patch for SCCM 2.4 Update 1 continues the Ivanti tradition of stable, secure solutions that deliver on customer needs and address issues you bring to our attention. In fact, included in the bugfixes for this release are two that you reported to us. 

For more information on the updates we’ve made, please refer to the release notes. 

Learn more here 


Identity Director 2018.2 speeds implementation, eases use

Admin-focused release packed with customer-requested features

The release of Identity Director 2018.2 focuses on a key theme of speed of implementation and ease of use for IT admins. Read on as we highlight the new features and functionality included in the latest release.

Use Date/Time as a Trigger

This new enhancement allows IT admins to use the UTC date/time as a delivery/return trigger for a service. This trigger is acted upon based on the date/time value itself and not when the value changes. For example, you can delay the delivery or return of a service based on the date or datetime.

Populate a Person Table Attribute from Data Source

Reduce the amount of work for IT admins and improve efficiency by retrieving information into a table attribute from an external data source, and use this information directly in workflows. For example, pull information from your company HR system to populate security answers using a combination of a person’s name and last 4 digits of their Social Security Number.

Determine why an Entitlement is triggered

How do you determine why a workflow was started if you have multiple triggers? Was the service triggered based on a self-service request, because of an organizational change, or because the person newly qualified? Use this feature to get information on which trigger started a specific service to determine the next appropriate workflow action.

Hit the Transaction Emergency Pause Button

What if one of your IT team members makes a mistake and delivers a service to people who shouldn’t have it? In this situation, you don’t want to spend time clicking into each instance and stopping the service. Instead, you can use this emergency feature to pause processing of current transactions with a click of a button when something doesn’t go as expected.

Keep reading, there’s more…

Identity Director 2018.2 also includes the following updates:

  • Restore a deleted entitlement with a click of a button, rather than needing to use a script.
  • Log users in automatically after they close and restart an application with the Windows Client “remember me” feature, improving your users’ experience.
  • Allow users to use the biometric login option for their mobile device to enhance security.
  • Use extended multi-language support to be able to translate all the text you put in, not just the static text, so end users receive full support in their native language during service requests.

Get all this and more by downloading Identity Director 2018.2 from the Ivanti Community download page.

Automation 2018.2 now available

Extended SQL query results, REST task support, and more

The 2018.2 release of Ivanti Automation builds on the momentum of previous releases by delivering improvements based on customer requests and needs.

SQL Query Results

In this release, we have extended the SQL Query task to be able to return results that can be used in other tasks.

REST Task Support

This new feature gives IT admins the ability to connect to REST API-based sources natively rather than using PowerShell scripts when creating tasks.

Customizable Message Dialog

In version 2018.2, IT admins can configure, enable/disable, and customize the text and title of the Message Dialog that appears when starting the desktop Console and Web Management Portal.

Management Portal Enhancements

Several new pages have been ported into the web Management Portal, bringing IT admins the same functionality as is in the desktop Console:

  • Components page added under the Administration menu, giving you the ability to download the Ivanti Automation Components from there.
  • Security page added in the top-level menu so that you can now create logins, create administrative roles, and assign administrative roles to logins from the web Management Portal too.
  • Information section (found in the desktop Console under Administration) added to the web Management Portal, allowing you to easily see information about the database connection, properties of the database, and sizes of the tables within the database.

The latest version of Ivanti Automation can be downloaded from the Ivanti Community download page.


Unified Endpoint Management Just Became a Whole Lot Easier with Ivanti Environment Manager 2018.1   

Unified Endpoint Management (UEM) continues to evolve as organizations transform & rationalize their existing and future physical, virtual & cloud workspaces. With 2018.1, we have integrated two of the key components of Ivanti UEM - Environment Manager (EM) & Endpoint Manager (EPM) to make IT’s life so much better.   

Check out the blog

Ivanti Performance Manager: Release Its Full Potential! 

Customers may not be exploiting the true power of Performance Manager. Common resource hungry applications such as Microsoft Office, Internet Explorer, Firefox and Chrome can all be managed more efficiently using Performance Manager. Find out how. 

Check out the blog

From RES ONE Workspace to Ivanti Environment Manager: Just-In-Time App-V 5.x Apps 

Ivanti has been looking at ways of ensuring the most compelling and widely-used features available within the former RES ONE Workspace solution, can also be achieved using Ivanti Environment Manager to help ease the transition of former RES customers over to Ivanti User Workspace Manager. Just-in-time App-V 5.x application package delivery is just one of these features. This enables App-V 5.x application delivery to be initiated by the user themselves, by clicking on an application shortcut delivered to the user’s workspace via Ivanti Environment Manager.

Check out the blog 


Open another web session? With Velocity, it's as easy as "+" 

More device options, the latest Android OS, tools to make the Android migration even easier 

If you're running SAP ITS Mobile, Oracle, or other web-based enterprise apps on your existing mobile deployment, you're familiar with the idea of running multiple web sessions.  Workers multi-task, and benefit from having several sessions connected at the same time (no different from how we use our web browsers on our desktops and smartphones). Long supported on both our Terminal Emulation and Industrial Browser products, we've rounded out this functionality in Velocity – adding multi-session browsing to our existing telnet capabilities.   

What else does Velocity 2.0.3 bring? We've added support for Datalogic's latest, the Falcon X4, and introduced support for a new device manufacturer, Point Mobile, beginning with their PM550. Coupled with Android "Oreo" support, your selection of Android devices continues to grow!  We've also added several enhancements to the Velocity console that offer administrators more visibility, security, and control. Oh, and if you haven't already tried our Rapid Migration tool, spend 5 minutes. Seriously, migrate apps to Android in 5 minutes. It's that easy! 

Read more about what's new in this release

Get the latest release from our Downloads site

Find Documentation and more on our Community