Ivanti Service Manager now integrates with over 1,000 cloud applications, thanks to the Zapier network.

For over twenty years, IT teams know how to use Service Manager to automate workflows that improve service delivery for IT and beyond. But now with Zapier, Ivanti has made it easy for you to connect to other applications, eliminating and automating the manual and burdensome. This relationship will make it even easier for IT teams to improve productivity, staff morale, governance and user satisfaction through automation.

If Zapier is new to you, it’s a cloud platform that provides ready-to-go connectors with over 1,000 cloud-based applications to automate more tasks between apps, all without needing any coding or web development. Service Manager is now listed as a cloud application in Zapier, with connectors available for inbound (Triggers) and outbound (Actions) workflows for other available applications.

With the Zapier integration, Service Manager actions such as creating a new incident can kick off corresponding actions in connected applications. For example, you’ll be able to create an integration in minutes that’ll allow you to:

  • Send a Slack or SMS message when a new incident is created
  • Broadcast alerts on Twitter, Facebook or Slack when a major incident occurs
  • Create an incident from a tweet or other alert with a specific category or service keyword
  • Open a new incident with Amazon Cloud Watch Alarm
  • Send and receive notifications through xmatters
  • Collaborate with development teams with integration to Jira

It’s easy to get started creating your first Zap, or what Zapier calls their connection between two apps made up of a trigger and one or more actions. Whenever the trigger event happens, the Zap automatically makes the associated action event happen.

Can’t wait to get started? It’s straightforward if you’re on Service Manager release 2017.3 or later. And, Zapier makes it easy to get started with a no-cost initial offering for new users, with an upgrade option available once your usage increases beyond the starter level.

Here’s how you can get started (example using Twitter and Service Manager):

  • Go to the Ivanti Service Manager Zapier page
  • If you’re new to Zapier, open your Free Account
  • Create a Zap by clicking the orange "Make a Zap" button at the top of the page
  • Choose the trigger app you’re interested in, such as Twitter
  • Select the trigger event you’re interested in from the app, such as a tweet with a specific keyword
  • Pick Service Manager as the app you want for the corresponding action
  • Choose ‘Create Incident’ as the action you want
  • Zapier will ask you for authorization to connect to Service Manager and Twitter
  • Test the connection to make sure it’s working
  • Add in any desired filters, such as keywords, and then test again
  • Name your Zap, turn it on, and you’re up and running

And that’s it – no coding and no fuss. If you want to see Zapier in action, here’s a helpful video introduction of Zapier.

Give the Service Manager and Zapier integration a try and see how easily you can extend your Service Manager workflow to your favorite applications, social media tools, or platforms. And, let us know what cool and innovative Zaps you create!

Get started here. And if you’re experiencing trouble, check out Ivanti’s help document here or Zapier help documents here

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