As we all take time to enjoy the last splash of summer this Labor Day Weekend and gear up for my favorite time of year (fall and football season), our leadership team took time to determine how we can help our customers unify their IT more effectively.  

The first thing we realized was that we needed to come to you in person—bearing food and drink, of course—to tell you the Unified IT story.

So we’re doing two things to bring the Ivanti story to your backyard this fall:

Solutions Summits

We’re hosting half-day events where we’ll connect you with some customers who are succeeding at unifying IT already. We’ll share truly career-transforming best practices and have real and frank conversations about the future of IT.

You can use this page to register or check them out individually below:

Ivanti Road Tour

To our CFO’s great dismay, we're hitting the road in a ’63 VW bus. We’re slapping some screens inside and a logo on the outside and we’re going to travel across America all autumn long. We’ll go to football games, our partners’ and clients' offices, popular landmarks, and basically anywhere else you’d like to see us. We’ll have SWAG, food, and general excitement.

Follow us on Twitter and LinkedIn to see the bus travel the nation with the hashtag #IvantiRoadTour. We’ll map out our stops in advance. Come by and say hello!

We also recognize this is “budget season” and nearly everyone reading this will participate in some form of 2020 project and budget planning over the coming months. If it’s anything like our own internal process at Ivanti, it’s a fast and furious process leading up to Halloween, needing to have all 2020 projects locked down for approval by the executive team for execution and rollout starting in January.

Sound familiar?

Many of you are tasked with doing more with less – whether that means with fewer people in your IT department or fewer dollars to be resources or spend. We at Ivanti are confident and comfortable making a bold statement that we are the world leader in Unified IT. 

What is Unified IT, anyway?

It’s all things that make IT run. 

  • It’s the technology to allow the help desk to fix that laptop.
  • It’s the technology to ensure you are 100% compliant on every patch for your environment.
  • It’s the technology that allows your users to have the same look and feel on their desktop wherever they may be in the world.
  • It’s the technology that allows the finance team to understand where every software or hardware asset is at any given moment (and what it’s doing).
  • It’s the technology to ensure the organization efficiently using software assets and you have the right number of licenses.
  • It’s the technology that allows you to understand what’s going on on every endpoint and in your network.

That’s the definition of Unified IT, and we are the only organization in the world that can deliver all of those technologies under one umbrella. 

Is that really important?

It is if your organization demands you do more with less. There is simply no other vendor who can provide world-class endpoint management, workspace management, SAM, HAM, ITSM, patching, endpoint securityautomation, and identity management.

No one else can do it.

Where should you start? 

Like many of our customers who have gone through this journey, they, too, asked the same question as they embarked on a journey to streamlining IT. Many organizations employ Booz, McKinsey, EY, or many other system integrators to develop this very strategy for IT consolidation. As our customers were presented with the strategy, the overarching question every time was “where do we go to find a consolidated technology to assist our efforts?" 

If you are at this stage of your IT maturity curve, you owe it to yourself and your organization to come listen to how Ivanti customers have performed this task and embarked on this journey with Ivanti. 

If you are responsible for IT strategy, vision and doing more with less… you must take four hours and come to a Solutions Summit nearby to learn how we are different. Ivanti will show you how you and your organization can get there.

Watch for more details as we continue our rollout, and I look forward to meeting many new faces this fall in your favorite football town with your favorite beverage of choice. Until then, enjoy the kickoff to fall!