Interchange is a staple in Ivanti culture. We've hosted our annual user conference in cities all around the world, including Las Vegas, Dallas, Madrid, and for the first time this year, Nashville.

Maybe this will be your first year at the conference. Or maybe you've attended in years past and are still trying to convince your boss to let you go again.

Whatever the case, we want to help you prepare for #interchange19. So we started by asking our conference alumni two important questions. 

How would you describe Interchange to someone who has never attended?

  • "A jam-packed explosion of Ivanti expertise crammed into every waking moment!" – Michael M.

  • "It's an immersion of all things Ivanti. Learning, speaking and seeing." – Jason K.

  • "It's an amazing experience and opportunity to really dive deep into the products, talk with the folks who make it, and meet your peers." – Jason L.

  • "It's the best way to meet people going through the same struggles and projects as you." – Adam H.

  • "Great event to network with leaders." – Thomas S.

  • "It is the biggest event of Ivanti!" – Kandarp B.

  • "Very informative and great way to meet product managers as well as peers." – Jose M.

  • "Rooms full of people much smarter than you!" – Robert B.

  • "A great networking, knowledge sharing, and learning experience for both experienced and inexperienced Ivanti users." – Brian K.

What are you most looking forward to at Interchange 2019?

  • "Labs and deep dives into Ivanti Asset Manager." – Warren G.
  • "More labs, updates on Ivanti Pulse." – Michael M.
  • "Seeing the upcoming products." – Andrew G.
  • "New venue and Ivanti Cloud." – Jose M.
  • "More information on Ivanti Service Manager." – Jason K.
  • "Learning how others are implementing Ivanti Service Manager." – Eric C.
  • "Good discussions." – Thomas B.
  • "Getting some answers around best practices for a large organization." – Memory T.
  • "Seeing how others are planning the Windows 7 to Windows 10 upgrade." – Peter G.

Now that we've given you a basic overview of the conference and what attendees are looking forward to, it's time to give you some insider tips. You won't find these tidbits in the content & tracks, agenda, or any other section on the Interchange Nashville page, for that matter.

Tip #1: Social media at the conference is big deal.

We know not everyone has a Twitter account, and some people who do have one, shouldn't. Certain politicians come to mind. But put all that aside for a moment and consider the fame and fortune you could reap when your #interchange19 tweet is front and center on all the social media screens at the conference.

Not motivated by fame? There are also some amazing prizes you could win. Check out the Twitter contest on the mobile app for more details.

Tip #2: The mobile app is your best friend.

In this tech industry, there is almost no excuse to be lagging on the tech front. Not using the mobile app at Interchange is akin to taking notes with a PalmPilot, or using a pay phone to call home. Don't be that person. Put your beeper away and download the Interchange 2019 App.

Tip #3: Wear your badge like it's going out of style.

If you don't, you could be denied entry into sessions, evening events, labs, etc. The badge is your golden ticket into everything the conference has to offer. Guard it with your life.

Tip #4: There are tons of ways to be a winner.

You know the Twitter contest has baller prizes, but did you know you can win a prize by simply being an active user of the mobile app? We're giving away daily prizes for random users.

The mobile app also has a photo challenge—yet another way to be a winner. And let's not forget the grand prize drawing for users at the top of the leaderboard. 

Tip #5: Sign up for as many breakout sessions as you can.

This is your chance to meet with people who are in the same position as you at their company. Take advantage of the time you have to see how they navigate challenges, what their best practices are, and how they've found success with Ivanti products. One of our Ivanti customers loves the fact that the breakout sessions are so interactive.

We can't wait to see you at Interchange 2019!

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