It’s time again for Ivanti’s weekly ICYMI series, a series so popular that it was nominated for an Oscar last year in the category “Best IT Content Round-Up Series.”

In case you don’t know, ICYMI stands for “in case you missed it.” Basically it’s a compilation of a bunch of Ivanti content from the past week and a look ahead at upcoming events.

In the News: Track your Software Savings with Ivanti’s New ITAM Calculator

When it comes to IT asset management, many companies are paying too much for enterprise software. This happens for several reasons, including a lack of accurate tracking information and fear of costly software audits. It’s time to get out of the dark and see the light with Ivanti’s new Software Savings Calculator.

In just three easy questions, you’ll be able to assess your asset spend and unlock potential savings. You can read more about how the calculator works and see a sample of potential savings in our recent blog post.

Blog Posts

Ivanti Interchange Is Coming Up!

We are T-minus two weeks away from Interchange 2018 in Dallas, Texas. At Interchange, you can expect product roadmaps, deep-dive training, expert access, and more. There will be several specialized tracks, including: Asset Management, Operational Security, Service Management, Unified Endpoint Management, Strategic IT, and User Workspace Management.

Interchange is a whole lot of fun, plus it’s in Texas, so you get to eat delicious barbecue all week. Do it for the smoky ribs!

And if you are one of our European friends, we are hosting our first ever Interchange Madrid this June. Same concept as Dallas but replace barbecue with tapas.

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