We all need a haircut and a new pair of jeans every now and then. Websites are no different.

Last week our talented web team unveiled a fresh new Ivanti homepage.

Here is a screenshot of the before and after:

ivanti home webpage screenshot

New Look, Same Great Taste!

It's the "New Look! Same Great Taste!" type of upgrade we were going for, much like a popular cereal getting a new box design. And although our products and solutions aren't edible, they can still provide you with proper nutrition where IT is concerned.

Here are the main changes that we made to the homepage. We will be making similar changes to more pages in upcoming weeks:

  • New font and updated colors to match the latest brand guidelines.
  • Animations to engage the users in unifying the IT software solutions.
  • Better support for customer quotes.

Our new homepage highlights the most important content we have for our users right now, including:

The Power of Unified IT

Another big difference in the new design is the emphasis on Ivanti's "Power of Unified IT" mission statement. By breaking down IT solos with increased visibility, shared data, and automated processes, Ivanti's unified IT approach equates to a more efficient and secure digital workplace.

McKay Allen, our global director of digital marketing, said this about the new site look in this LinkedIn post: