Greetings. In case you were wondering, “ICYMI” is short for “in case you missed it.” And because of last week’s Thanksgiving holiday in the U.S., this is a special, two-week digest of recent news, events, and content in and around Ivanti and We hope you find it both interesting and useful. Let us know via email to [email protected] – and thanks!

This Week’s Big News: It’s in the Warehouse!

If your company manufactures or sells almost anything, there’s a warehouse that stands at the nexus of supply, demand, and customer satisfaction. Yet in far too many cases, the technologies that determine the efficiency and effectiveness of that warehouse’s operations are outmoded, inadequate, scheduled to be discontinued by their vendors, or all of the above.

Fortunately, as you’ll see in several of the blog posts mentioned below, there are ways to modernize those technologies and the operations they support without having to “rip and replace” incumbent tools, processes, or people. Check out those posts, as well as Ivanti’s solutions for migrating old apps to new platforms, improving employee efficiency with voice enablement, comprehensive device management, and more. You’ll soon see that The Power of Unified IT™ extends beyond your organization’s offices and remote knowledge workers.

Recent Blog Posts

Coming Up This Week

On Nov. 29, Ivanti will be at the Cyber Security - Oil, Gas and Power conference in London, UK (through Nov. 30). We’ll also be hosting the ITSM Exchange in Kansas City, KS, and at the Los Angeles Cyber Summit trade show in Beverly Hills, CA. On Nov. 30, Ivanti will be at the UK Citrix User Group confab in London, UK, and at the Infosec Manchester seminar in Manchester, UK.

We hope to see and talk with you at one or more of these events, in person or online. Make sure to share these opportunities with your colleagues, and to check the Ivanti Events Calendar for more details and updates.