Ivanti and Securin Inc. Unite Forces to Safeguard Customers Against Cyber Threats

The partnership integrates Securin’s Vulnerability Intelligence into Ivanti Neurons for Vulnerability Knowledge Base, enriching the feed through input from numerous trusted sources.

SALT LAKE CITY — 9 novembre 2023 —

Ivanti, the tech company that elevates and secures Everywhere Work, today announced its partnership with a leading provider of tech-enabled cybersecurity solutions and recipient of the SINET16 Innovators award, Securin Inc. Fueled by data from Securin’s Vulnerability Intelligence (VI), Ivanti Neurons for Vulnerability Knowledge Base provides authoritative, near-real-time vulnerability threat intelligence so security experts can expedite vulnerability assessments and prioritization.

By leveraging Securin VI’s comprehensive data set, the intelligence in Ivanti Neurons for Vulnerability Knowledge Base is enriched through input from numerous trusted sources, including MITRE, the National Vulnerability Database (NVD), CVE Numbering Authorities (CNAs), vendor advisories, and many more. Additionally, with the assistance of Securin’s API, Ivanti Neurons for Vulnerability Knowledge Base is better primed to seamlessly integrate with and enrich the capabilities of other Ivanti Neurons products including IT Service Management (ITSM), Risk-Based Vulnerability Management (RBVM), App Security Orchestration & Correlation (ASOC), Patch Management, Zero Trust Access (ZTA), Discovery, and Unified Endpoint Management (UEM).

“Ivanti has long been a valued partner and we are thrilled to expand our partnership by providing Ivanti customers with more visibility into their potential cyber threats and exposures,” said Kiran Chinnagangannagari, Co-Founder and Chief Product & Technology Officer at Securin. “With this newfound visibility from various sources, customers can proactively plan mitigation and remediation strategies which is invaluable as cyber threats continue to multiply.”

Through this collaboration, customers will elevate their understanding of threat context and findings, effectively correlate exploitable vulnerabilities to patches, enable quarantine and remediation for unpatched devices running risky applications, and allow IT admins to have a complete view of enterprise assets and risks. Ivanti Neurons for Vulnerability Knowledge Base arms security experts with authoritative and immediate vulnerability threat intelligence plus risk-based scoring of vulnerabilities based on real-world threat information. Securin’s Vulnerability Intelligence (VI) provides the security team with an entire spectrum of vulnerability information through an intuitive dashboard or integrated APIs. Powered by 1500+ authentic intelligence feeds, Securin VI’s artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML) models continuously measure a vulnerability’s risk by dynamically tracking its trajectory from exploitation to weaponization.

“By partnering with Securin we are able to provide robust intelligence and risk prioritization to customers on all vulnerabilities no matter the source by using AI Augmented Human Intelligence,” said Dr. Srinivas Mukkamala, Chief Product Officer at Ivanti. “Securin’s commitment to innovation closely aligns with Ivanti’s objectives to provide best-in-class solutions for our customers. At Ivanti we are always looking at ways to provide customers with the most comprehensive information on real-world threats and help them on their journey to continuous threat exposure management and risk-based vulnerability management.”

Please visit the Ivanti Neurons for Vulnerability Knowledge Base and Securin Vulnerability Intelligence product page to learn more.

About Securin Inc.

At Securin, we empower teams and organizations to minimize their business risk with our comprehensive range of proactive cybersecurity solutions. These solutions are carefully crafted to be intuitive, adaptable, and scalable, catering to organizations of all sizes in today's ever-changing digital landscape. With Securin's human-augmented intelligence approach to cybersecurity, we proactively address emerging threats and uncertainties. Ensuring the security of organizations while enabling them to thrive. To learn more about how Securin can elevate your security measures, visit www.securin.io.

About Ivanti

Ivanti elevates and secures Everywhere Work so that people and organizations can thrive. We make technology work for people, not the other way around. Today’s employees use a wide range of corporate and personal devices to access IT applications and data over multiple networks to stay productive, wherever and however they work. Ivanti is one of the only technology companies that finds, manages and protects each IT asset and endpoint in an organization. Over 40,000 customers, including 88 of the Fortune 100, have chosen Ivanti to help them deliver an excellent digital employee experience and improve IT and security team productivity and efficiency. At Ivanti, we strive to create an environment where all perspectives are heard, respected and valued and are committed to a more sustainable future for our customers, partners, employees and the planet. For more information, visit www.ivanti.com and follow @GoIvanti.

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