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Elevate Beyond Freshworks

Why Ivanti Neurons for ITSM is right for your organization​

More than just an IT helpdesk, Ivanti gives you a full range of ITSM capabilities on a flexible platform. Scale your organization with comprehensive discovery, asset management, ESM and intelligent service management capabilities to take your IT operations to the next level.​

Implement without technical limitations​

Leverage the full extent of whatever ITSM capabilities your organization needs.​

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Take advantage of open configuration

Go farther and get where you need to go faster, without artificial limits and roadblocks.​

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Grow into a full technology ecosystem​

Seamlessly integrate self-healing, security and endpoint management into your environment.​

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Satisfied users, expansive expertise. Explore them now!​

SouthStar Bank fixes IT issues before anyone notices

Learn why SouthStar's IT team says Ivanti Neurons "has enabled us to do things we didn’t think we could do.”​

On-demand webinar: Expand your ITSM​

Hear how Glasgow University established enterprise service management, plus practical tips for removing roadblocks along the way.​

2023 Report: Elevating the Future of Everywhere Work​

What happens when employees want to work anytime, anywhere…but your company isn’t equipped to deliver?

Capabilities for where you are — and where you want to go

Service & Asset Management

IT Service Management​

  • Elevate helpdesks and support teams to enhance daily IT operations. Cloud-optimized or on-premises available.

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IT Asset Management​

  • Streamline asset data, lifecycles and strategic management. Customize workflows or embrace out-of-the-box processes.

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Enterprise Service Management​

  • Deliver exceptional experiences by extending top-tier service management to all business departments.

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Service Mapping​

Service Mapping

  • Automate self-help and shift left with conversational AI.​
  • Keep workflows seamless with ITSM integration.​
  • Deliver support across multiple departments and in nine different languages.​​

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Digital Assistant

Digital Assistant

  • Auto-discover and map linkages between data center services.​
  • Improve change risk and impact analysis with multi-level insight on service dependencies.​
  • Support security and operational resiliency with accurate and detailed service maps.​
  • Automate self-help and shift left with conversational AI.​

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Intelligent Hyperautomation​

Ivanti Neurons for Discovery​

  • Quick, actionable asset insights. Neurons for Discovery delivers swift, accurate data. Track users, endpoints and software.

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Ivanti Neurons Workspace​

  • 360-degree real-time views empower analysts, cut complexities, wait times and costs and boost productivity.

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Ivanti Neurons for Edge Intelligence ​

  • Real-time device insights for operational awareness using natural language processing.

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Ivanti Neurons for Healing​

  • Automated issue resolutions. Neurons for Healing detects, diagnoses, heals and classifies issues, fostering a self-healing environment that saves time and improves experiences.

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​Ivanti Neurons for Spend Intelligence​

  • Discover spending insights: on-prem, cloud and edge, using Ivanti Neurons for Spend Intelligence.​

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Digital Employee Experience​

Digital Employee Experience

  • Effectively measure and proactively optimize employee experience.​
  • Aggregate and monitor usage, performance and security data from all devices and applications.​
  • Detect IT and security issues before they impact employees.​​

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Shared Platform Capabilities​

Shared Platform Capabilities

  • Core services​: CMDB, surveys, mobile UI, enterprise portal, omni-channel engagement.
  • Integrations​: Email, APIs, PowerShell, import/export.
  • Admin and configuration​: Low-code development, adaptive design, automated workflows.
  • Intelligence​: Asset insights, analytics, predictive intelligence, AI search, translation.
  • Security & compliance​: LDAP integration, multi-factor authentication, encryption, role-based access.

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