FAQ – Subscription Services

Subscription Services compared to other Professional Services

How is the Subscription Services offering different from the Technical Relationship Manager (TRM)?

Subscription Services provides you with quick and easy access to some of the most common configuration tasks you may need after implementing your Ivanti solutions. Once you purchase a subscription you can select from a catalog of Service Requests using our online Subscription Services platform. Then, our Ivanti Services team will remotely deliver on your request within a few days.  Think of it as an extension of your configuration capacity.

When you work with a Technical Relationship Manager you will get a named resource with deep technical expertise and knowledge of your individual environment. They proactively engage with you on a regular basis to help you best leverage your Ivanti solution and take advantage of any upgrades and new features to ensure you get the most value from your investment. Unlike the Subscription Service, a TRM will NOT deliver configuration services but will enable your team to build new configurations themselves.

Also, a Managed Services Engineer provides consistency of resources who are familiar with your environment and are ideal for ongoing execution of administrative activities. Subscription Services provides a light-weight way to engage with experts to deliver common configuration enhancements.

I would like to order only one Service Request from the Catalog and not subscribe to the Service, is it possible?

Subscription Services are sold as a package. If you prefer a specific service rather than a package, Professional Services hours may be a better option for you. Your Account Manager can help you determine how to best meet your needs. Ad-Hoc demands are, for the moment not available.

Purchasing Subscription Services

How do I purchase Subscription Services from Ivanti?

Like any other services you purchase from Ivanti, your Account Manager or Ivanti Business Partner is here to help. They can give you a quote the service and help you in the procurement process. Once the order is completed, you will receive a mail to access the online platform for the Subscription Services.

Can I start the service at a later date than the purchase date?

If specifically requested, your Subscription Services can be made available at a later date than the purchase if you have purchased other Professional Services activities, such as Ivanti Professional Services hours or outcome-based package for implementation of the solution, within the same order.

If I purchase the subscription in the middle of a calendar quarter, do I get less than three months of access to Subscription Services?

Don’t worry, you will have a full year of services regardless of when you purchase Subscription Services.  Your subscription starts on the first day of the month after your order is received. Your first quarter will roll out from this month 1 to month 3, independent of the calendar year quarters.

For example, if you purchase a subscription February 20th, your first allotment of 5 basic services and 1 premium is available to you from March 1st. The first quarter ends on May 30th.

Making and Managing Service Requests

How will I raise my Service Requests?

Making a request is simple. First, provide us with the name and contact details of the person who will be the main user of the service. We will provide them with login information for our Subscription Services online platform. 

When they login they will find the Service Catalog where they can plan and select that service that your organization needs. Everything can be done through the portal, but they can also speak with one of our consultants to make sure we understand your exact needs. 

I have raised a Service Request this quarter, but it will be worked on next quarter. Against which quarter will it be counted?

The date the Service Request is raised determines which quarter is counted against. In this case, the request would be part of your current quarter’s allocation.

If I cancel a Service Request, will it be counted towards my quarterly quota?

If you cancel a Service Request before the Ivanti service team is actively working the request, the Service Request will not impact the quarterly quota.

The consultant in charge of your request will validate your requirements before beginning the service. This may lead us to ask you to amend your service request or to raise a different Service Request. In this case, the initial request would not be counted against your allocation.

I need a configuration which is not part of the Catalog. How can I request this?

The Subscription Services team will direct you to your Account Manager or to our Professional Services team. They can scope a project for the configuration service you would like.  Any technical information the Subscription Services team has gathered during our discussions with you will be shared with the Professional Services team to help speed the process along for you.

Managing your Subscription

How can I buy more Service Requests than the 5 basic and 1 premium per quarter?

Right now, only a single subscription level - 5 basic and 1 premium service per quarter – is available. We plan to expand to more subscription levels in the future.  We will work out a specific solution together to fit your needs, such as purchasing more than one subscription to raise your service allocation. For example, if you find you consistently need to use 10 basic and 2 premium services per quarter it could make sense to purchase 2 Subscription Services allocations.

How can I renew my subscription?

Before the end of your year-long subscription, we will reach out to you with information on how to renew. Your Account Manager or Ivanti Business Partner will help you through the process.