It feels like just yesterday we were watching the ball drop in New York City and signing up for gym memberships. A few holidays flew by and suddenly we're in the middle of June, throwing barbecues in the backyard and planning our summer vacations.

But before chomping down on a donut-glazed hot dog covered in bacon, let's take a moment to reflect on the most popular blog posts from the first half of the year.

Starting with number 10...

10. Ivanti: What We Really Do, and Why It Really Matters

In this post, writer extraordinaire Michael Dortch explains who we are at Ivanti and why it matters.


9. Where IT Goes to Get Work Done

Brent Bluth keeps it simple with this quick overview of all the ways in which Ivanti helps companies streamline their IT.


8. Ivanti Interchange 2017: Bigger. Better. Be There.

Michael Dortch promotes the (what was then upcoming) Interchange 2017 event.

There were also several post-Interchange blogs written by Jared Richardson, including Behind the scenes at Interchange 2017Interchange 2017: A unified vision for IT, and Patch Tuesday Goes LIVE at Interchange 2017.


7. BlueDoom — You Should Be Concerned

Security guru Chris Goettl dove into the BlueDoom ransomware outbreak that hit in mid-May.


6. June Patch Tuesday 2017

Our Patch Tuesday blogs are a definite fan favorite, thanks to Chris Goettl's keen insights and wealth of knowledge on the topic.


5. Vault 7 Tracker

Chris Goettl once again dispenses his wisdom, this time on the many questions surrounding Vault 7.


4. March Patch Tuesday 2017

Chris Goettl covered Microsoft's two months’ worth of updates that included 18 total bulletins.


3. Throwback Thursday: To CBB or to LTSB?

Guest blogger James Rankin discussed the various methods for upgrading to Windows 10.


2. April Patch Tuesday 2017

April's Patch Tuesday consisted of 46 unique vulnerabilities.


1. Breaking: WannaCry Ransomware Exploding Across the Globe

Our number one top Ivanti blog for the year (so far) comes as no surprise since the WannaCry outbreak was a global news story. Read what our experts had to say about it, including the follow up posts: WannaCrypt Ransomware: Update for Ivanti Endpoint Security for Endpoint Manager Customers (LDSS), Three Things You Can Do Now to Increase User Contributions to Cybersecurity at Your EnterpriseWannaCry? How IT Asset Management Will Help You Avoid Ransomware Attacks, and WannaCrypt/WannaCry: 4 Best Practices for Fighting ‘Forever’ Ransomware Threats.