“So, what does your company do?”

Unless you work for a company with a name such as “General Motors” or “American Airlines,” you’ve probably had to answer this question for a spouse, a parent, a relative, or someone else outside of your particular industry. Probably more than once.

Having been in and around the IT industry for nearly 40 years now, I’ve had to answer it numerous times. And given where I’ve worked, I have done so with widely varying levels of success.

What we say we do

As we have been gearing up for Ivanti Interchange 2017, I’ve found myself asking a variant of this popular question: what, exactly, does Ivanti do?

For a while now, we’ve been saying that Ivanti helps its customers to “Discover. Provide Insight. Take Action.” But I believe those benefits, as important as they are, are more about how we do what we do for our customers.

What we really do

Here’s what I think.

Ivanti helps enterprises to secure, modernize, and accelerate their business operations.

Why this matters to you

Why secure? Because ransomware is expected to extort more than US$ 2 billion from businesses and individuals this year alone. Because the Internet of Things (IoT) is creating even more potential entry points for hackers seeking to access and raid your networks and critical data. Because the black market for personal, private, and proprietary data is huge and growing, and hackers are following the money.

Why modernize? Because you cannot adequately, comprehensively, and proactively secure your data, users, and networks—let alone deliver modern, user-centered, competitively agile services—with yesterday’s technologies. Because Windows 10, and whatever might come afterwards. Because your current tools and processes simply cannot manage your current and likely future IT assets well enough to comply with evolving regulations or best practices. Or get and keep your hardware and software costs under control. Or pass your next software audit.

Why accelerate? Because time to success with new offerings and services can determine business success or failure. Because continuous innovation and improvement require IT infrastructures that are fast, flexible, and responsive. Because competition.

Ivanti helps those who manage security, IT asset management (ITAM), IT service management (ITSM), and other business-business critical functions to discover, (gain and) provide insight, and take action to optimize their respective domains. These benefits, in turn, enable those managers and their teams to enable secure, modern, and accelerated business services and operations. The kinds of services and operations that can make your enterprise more agile, resilient, and trustworthy (or, as I like to put it, more “ART-ful.”)

See how we do what we do

If you want to see for yourself what Ivanti does, how we do it, and what we can do for you, you really should attend Ivanti Interchange 2017, May 8-11 in Las Vegas—the first stop on the Interchange world tour. Register for Vegas before April 1, and grab a $300 Early Bird discount and an exclusive Interchange jacket. You can also find information about other discounts, read descriptions of the sessions, labs, and pre-conference Boot Camps, and sign up for the sessions you want before they fill up, all starting at the Interchange 2017 link above.

Whether you can come to Interchange or not, you can check out our solutions online, or contact us or your Ivanti representative. Let us help you to discover, provide insight, and take action to secure, modernize, and accelerate business operations at your enterprise.