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Use Case

Reduce Software and Hardware Costs

You're probably paying for too many software licenses

Managing your assets will undoubtedly reduce costs. Why not use our solutions to reduce the financial risk that comes with non-compliance, lost productivity, and over-purchasing of software?

Discovery of Assets

Asset Intelligence allows you to automatically locate and inventory managed or unmanaged IP-enabled devices on your corporate network for a more detailed financial cross-section of your assets. 

License Clawback

Asset Intelligence delivers the means for you to set customizable software reclamation policies. You're also able to target specific users or user groups to avoid disrupting workflows.


The IT Asset Management Suite automates the discovery of your assets and tracks them through their lifecycle so you have more usable data on demand. These tasks include automated processes that would take months to gather otherwise.

Actionable Interface

Business value dashboard helps you visualize ROI, identify savings opportunities at a glance, and take action to reduce the financial and security risk your IT assets pose.

Anticipate Refreshes

Asset Manager provides insight into hardware due for a refresh. This helps you schedule and budget accordingly.

Out-of-the-Box Processes

Asset Manager delivers out-of-the-box processes that walk you through difficult scenarios that would otherwise take valuable time and resources away from your employees. These include onboarding and offboarding, software audit, disposal processes, and more.

The bottom line is that it's all about the bottom line

From your hardware assets to the software running on all your devices, our products and services were designed to help users do their job and be profitable little cogs in the money-making machine that is your organization.

Complete Visibility
Gain insight into your assets, where they are, and how they're performing to see where you are financially vulnerable.
Reclaim Software Licenses
Reclaiming unused software licenses can save you money and help your organization utilize the assets it has more effectively.
Get Compliant
Avoid the financial risk that comes with non-compliance, including fees, true-up costs, and fines.
Lifecycle Management
Track asset lifecycles to reduce downtime from proper maintenance and increase productivity by having standard processes in place.
Asset Disposal
Avoid high personal property tax costs on unused assets. Save or even make money by seeing what assets you can sell or recycle.
Buying Power
Truly knowing the needs of your organization and having an accurate picture of your IT assets gives you an edge when it comes to negotiating with vendors.
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