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Ivanti Neurons for HR | Ivanti Neurons for Facilities

Ivanti is excited to support organizations in extending service management beyond IT with Ivanti Neurons for HR and Ivanti Neurons for Facilities. These purpose-built solutions enable organizations to easily prepare for employees to return to the office and support hybrid working environments. They automate workflows associated with employee requests and lifecycle events through a single portal, providing a seamless employee experience.

Join us for a webinar on Tuesday, August 17 to hear from Ivanti experts on how you can deliver unified service management for an improved employee experience whether they are interacting with HR, Facilities or beyond. You can sign up for the event as part of our webinar series in the Service & Asset Management Track.

Ivanti Neurons for ITSM | Ivanti Neurons for ITAM 2021.2 On-Premises Release

The latest release for Ivanti Neurons for ITSM and Ivanti Neurons for ITAM 2021.2 release for on-premises deployment will soon be available for download. This coming release will deliver new capabilities such as several Self-Service enhancements including setting personal favorites along with other usability improvements. You’ll want to check out the new Service Mapping integration with the CMDB to add more dependency and relationship information for your Configuration Items.

Learn more about the new release by viewing the “What’s New” session for Ivanti Neurons for ITSM and Ivanti Neurons for ITAM. Stay on top of the 2021.2 release dates and other updates by checking the Ivanti Community. When available, you’ll be able to download the 2021.2 release for on-premises deployment from the Ivanti Community here

Find more Service and Asset Management documentation in the Product Documentation section of the Ivanti website.

Ivanti Neurons for Spend Intelligence 2021.3

The new release includes navigation enhancements to the license management capability as well as expanded ways to add new purchase data. This now allows users to add, edit or delete the license transaction information using the UI. Additionally, we have added a SKU lookup feature which speeds up manual data entry process and helps improve the data entry accuracy. These enhancements enable our customers to use Spend Intelligence as their day-to-day license management tool.


Ivanti Neurons 2021.3

Ivanti Neurons continuously senses, discovers, and remediates IT issues and security threats even before your users know about them. The latest release of Ivanti Neurons 2021.3 provides capabilities to further improve operational excellence, ease of use, and improved security to enhance your overall service delivery experience. The release highlights include:

  • More in-depth healing actions: Improved file and folder actions to move, copy, and modify attributes on files. New Windows command customer action to toggle boot on/off and improve login times. Time stamps filter to for instance show certificates that expire in the next week
  • Improved ease of use: You can now easily see the sensors displayed contextually based on Mac or Windows OS; pin your frequently used queries and retain all your filters and parameters. 
  • Snapshot capability: Easily track changes made to a device over time to enable users to compare information from different dates and quickly highlight issues from implemented changes.   
  • Event viewer: Automatically retrieve Windows events in real-time to better identify any errors that may indicate why a device is having issues.  
  • New file information sensor: Return useful file information to easily troubleshoot configuration drift or application stability issues for specific files.   
  • Ivanti Neurons now integrates with Insight to import procurement data to better track and manage hardware and software purchases. It also integrates with Tenable to import device and vulnerability scan results to correlate missing patches and provide actionable steps to remediation.

To learn more about the capabilities in the latest Ivanti Neurons 2021.3 release, please watch the Momentum Webinar recording.


Ivanti UEM Cloud R78 release

Ivanti UEM is the foundation for zero trust, enabling secure access to data and apps on any endpoint across your Everywhere Workplace.  The release highlights include:

Improved Security with additional features in Android and iOS

  • With app installation control on personal side reduces risk exposure
  • Expanded managed MacApps on Big Sur help securing sensitive corporate data

Improved Productivity with enhancements in Android

  • Option to schedule app updates reduces productivity impacts on end user
  • Auto clear of app cache on multi-user shared devices allow frontline workers to quickly logout and secure identity

Better Admin Experience

  • Improved IT Admin portal search with simplified and focused results

Ivanti Endpoint Manager Communication Diagram

In case you missed it, we now have a Visio diagram outlining the network ports needed to deploy Ivanti Endpoint Manager. It encompasses all network communication needed to help customers get closer to Zero Trust within their own network. Check it out.


Ivanti Neurons for Patch Intelligence

Ivanti Neurons for Patch Intelligence helps you achieve faster SLAs for your vulnerability remediation efforts via supervised and unsupervised machine learning algorithms. The latest release of Ivanti Neurons for Patch Intelligence provides capabilities that enable risk-based prioritization of patching through information sourced from top threat databases and more actionable information based on real-world threats. The release highlights include:

  • New Vulnerability Risk Rating (VRR): Captures threat context and scores it between 0 and 10 to better determine business priority and remediation steps.
  • Quantify Adversarial Risk: Leverage a combination of standardized metrics and knowledge gathered by application scanners through black box testing
  • More Context and Information: 5X increase in threat insights

To learn more about the capabilities in the latest Ivanti Neurons for Patch Intelligence, please sign-up for our new webinar series. Our event on August 10th entitled “Modernize Your Patch Management” will focus on this new release. The Patch Tuesday webcast series will also discuss this release in an upcoming episode.

Ivanti Neurons for Zero Trust Access 21.6

Ivanti Neurons for Zero Trust Access helps organizations improve their security posture through a Zero Trust aligned and flexible direct-to-application access solution. The latest release of Ivanti Neurons for Zero Trust Access provides capabilities to secure access everywhere, accelerate business agility, and deliver zero-trust choice. The release highlights include:

  • User Experience Enhancements: Auto Sign-in, Gateway Troubleshooting Enhancements Phase 2, Admin Password Reset
  • Secure Access Policies: Customized RBAC Phase 1 (UI based), IP+FQDN based split tunneling on Android
  • Performance and Scaling: Auto Scaling Improvements, Zero Downtime Upgrade improvements
  • Advanced Analytics: Post NAT Logging, Log View Enhancement
  • Eco-system Support: M5/C5 Instance Support on AWS

To learn more about the capabilities in the latest Ivanti Neurons for Zero Trust Access 21.6 release, please visit the Ivanti’s webinar page here. More details on Ivanti’s position and strategy around Zero Trust can also be found here.


Ivanti Xtraction 2021.2

 The Ivanti Xtraction 2021.2 release delivers a number of improvements and fixes to support customers including:

  • Resizable Dashboards: The highest-voted customer enhancement request for Xtraction is delivered in this release – customers are now able to create dashboards and resize the component containers within them in order to design a layout that exactly matches their needs.
  • Templates use images: When designing a Word template to use for exporting a dashboard or document from Xtraction you have had to use tables. With 2021.2, when you export a Word Template to modify it, the content placeholders will be images instead of tables. This should make editing the Word template more like a what-you-see-is-what-you-get experience.
  • Ability to save and load advanced filters: It is now possible to save advanced filters and also to save filters “on the fly” from the workspace, not only from the menu option.

Learn more about the new release by watching the “What’s New” Momentum Recording. You can download the Xtraction 2021.2 release as well as the release notes from the Ivanti Community.

If you are interested to see a preview of the Xtraction and Identity Broker Integration, please contact Product Manager Lara Hellman  for more details on the beta program and how to enable the capability for testing.


Q3 Releases now available

The Extended Products Group has aligned its release schedule to the Ivanti quarterly release cadence and released a number of product updates. These updates contain a mixture of new features and customer fixes that will result in an improved overall experience. To learn more about what’s included, please see the associated release notes:

For further details on the new releases, please see the following related blog posts:

Would you like to see some additional functionality in an upcoming release?  Go ahead and submit a feature request via the Product Ideas Page.  Or if you would like to have an overall roadmap discussion, please contact us by email at  [email protected].