We are excited to announce the release of Update 1 for Ivanti Device and Application Control v5.3!

Following on from the release of v5.3 in April - Update 1 further builds upon the innovative new features introduced earlier this year.

We officially introduced support for MacOS devices with v5.3 – and Update 1 provides even more features and functionality for managing your Apple devices.

Keep the users informed

Update 1 includes the ability to have action-based client notifications on your MacOS devices in a similar to how you manage your Windows clients today.

This means you'll see detailed notifications on the endpoint that will keep your uses up to date. As always, you decide which actions are worth being notified of!

Know what happens with your files

See exactly where your files go - the new shadowing support for MacOS devices lets you see the file name as well as the size of all the files being copied.

See what matters

We’ve improved the way that the MacOS agent provides insights about the current state and health of the agent – so you can see all the important information in a more user-friendly overview.

Not only have we enhanced the MacOS capabilities - we’ve also improved the visibility and usability of the Management Console by adding a new column to show individual device instances.

We’ve also added the ability to remove all Scan Templates that you don't need or use to focus on only the important items and entries within the console.

Our Application Control customers can also now benefit from the ability to exclude specific certificates from the Trusted Certificates store to simplify application management.

Need even more focus?

You can now install our brand new Splunk connector for IDAC!

All the events of your IDAC environment directly in a single user-friendly dashboard.

Not enough detail? No problem! The Dashboard supports drill-down to get even more insight of your environment.

Discover more about the new Splunk connector in our recent blog post. Additional information about the latest release can be found in the release notes.