Product updates and releases covered in this newsletter: 

  • Security  
  • Service & Asset Management  
  • Unified Endpoint Management / Digital Experience Management 
  • Extended Products Group


Ivanti Neurons for Zero Trust Access 22.2R1 adds Secure Web Gateway capabilities through our partnership with Lookout 

Ivanti Neurons for Zero Trust Access version 22.2R1 now protects users, their devices, and your data anywhere on the web with Lookout CASB and SWG integration. Further Neurons for Zero Trust Access improvements include:

  • Customer custom domain support 
  • Native multi-factor authentication server support 
  • Dashboard and analytics improvements 

Full cloud configuration management for VPN gateways now available with the release of Ivanti Neurons for Secure Access 22.2R1

Ivanti is proud to announce the release of Neurons for Secure Access version 22.2R1, which includes multiple enhancements to make managing multi-node Ivanti Connect Secure VPN deployments even easier. 

  • Fully centralized gateway configuration authoring and management 
  • Configuration templates 
  • Dashboard and analytics improvements 
  • Additional troubleshooting and lifecycle management tools 

Ivanti Security Appliance adds NAC gateway mode support for Ivanti Policy Secure deployments

Ivanti Policy Secure customers can now deploy physical or virtual Ivanti Security Appliances (ISAs) in NAC gateway mode. With ISA, Policy Secure customers can enjoy enhanced security and better performance over PSA series counterparts. Even better, ISA is fully compatible with existing PSA deployments, and can be used as drop-in replacements for existing PSA hardware. 

Ivanti Neurons for RBVM and Ivanti Neurons ASOC now integrated with Ivanti Neurons for ITSM

With the 2022 Q3 release of Ivanti Neurons for Risk-Based Vulnerability Management (RBVM) and Ivanti Neurons for App Security Orchestration & Correlation (ASOC), these solutions are now integrated with Ivanti Neurons for ITSM. This integration lets users easily create tickets in Ivanti Neurons for ITSM for Ivanti Neurons for RBVM / Ivanti Neurons for ASOC projects and problems. Updates and additions synchronize seamlessly between Ivanti Neurons for RBVM / Ivanti Neurons for ASOC and the ITSM tickets. Additionally, vulnerability details, risk scores and other information included in the tickets enable security teams and operations teams to easily collaborate. 

Check out the release notes for more information on this integration and the other exciting enhancements included in this release. 

Two Ivanti Neurons for Patch Management releases

Ivanti continues to enhance our Ivanti Neurons for Patch Management product originally released in January 2022. The 2022 Q3 release of Ivanti Neurons for Patch Management includes the following updates: 

  • Windows peer-to-peer download – In this release, we have introduced the option to enable peer-to-peer download in the agent policy to allow files to be distributed through a network of peers. Enabling peer-to-peer download allows devices with an Ivanti Cloud instance to share patches from one device to another, distributing the file transfer load between the devices exchanging files. 
  • Patch Configuration – deploy by patch group enhancement for superseded patches – Patch scanning in Ivanti Neurons for Patch Management always scans for the latest of all products, but Patch Groups give users the ability to select a specific version of a patch for deployment that could have been superseded by another patch. Enhancements have been made to scan inputs conducted prior to patch deployments that include a Patch Group to include the earlier/superseded patches included in the Patch Group. This ensures all patches in a Patch Group are deployed when a Patch Group is configured for deployment in a Patch Configuration, even if some of those patches have been superseded by other patches. 
  • Endpoint Vulnerability Bulk Export to CSV, All Devices – In Endpoint Vulnerability, users have had the ability to export the device data in the grid to a CSV file. We have added the ability to bulk export all devices to a single CSV file.

In addition to this quarterly release, we also issued a feature release for Ivanti Neurons for Patch Management in June that included the following capabilities: 

  • Phase 1: Sideload patch support & workflow / customer-hosted storage – Sometimes a patch cannot be downloaded directly from a vendor by Ivanti Neurons for Patch Management. With this release, we have expanded patch support to allow users to manually acquire patches from vendors via the Patch Intelligence view. 
  • Context action – Endpoint Vulnerability & Device Details – Based on user feedback, we have added the option for users to scan now or deploy missing patches in the Endpoint Vulnerability view and to scan now or deploy one or more selected patches in the Device Detail view for devices managed by the Ivanti Neurons agent. 

Get your hands on Ivanti Neurons for Patch Management now by signing up for a free trial

Expanded FIDO support for Ivanti ZSO

Prior to the 2022 Q3 release of Ivanti Zero Sign-On (ZSO), the solution supported FIDO security keys on Windows and Mac desktops. These same security keys can now be used to log into cloud-based applications using mobile devices. This Q3 release will allow end users to register their FIDO security key on their mobile devices and then use the security keys to authenticate to cloud applications on those devices. User portal registration and authentication will be supported on iOS/iPadOS and Android mobile devices. 

Another exciting feature included in the 2022 Q3 ZSO release will allow end users to perform passwordless authentication to cloud applications using Touch ID and fingerprints on their mobile devices. This feature is made possible via support for built-in FIDO2 authenticators on mobile devices where end users will be able to register and authenticate to cloud application using biometrics. 

Watch this ZSO demo to see the solution in action. 

Service & Asset Management

Key capabilities for Ivanti Neurons for ITSM 

Powerful no-code environment capabilities 

Ivanti has expanded on no-code capabilities with powerful stored expressions, variables, and stored values. Ivanti Neurons for ITSM customers can now design Composite Actions in a new, intuitive, visual designer, while keeping the ability to use the existing form-based editor. Upon migration to the Ivanti Neurons for ITSM platform, familiar no-code design capabilities in an improved web-based interface will be available for Cherwell Service Management customers. All existing Ivanti Neurons for ITSM actions, as well as new actions, are planned to be supported. 

Expanded Event Management experience to enable critical workflows 

Additionally, Ivanti Neurons for ITSM now includes expanded event management capability to support security and other event types. New integrations include incorporating polling data from RiskSense and bi-directional integration with Atlassian Jira. Event notifications can be linked with configuration item (CI) data from the CMDB, enabling Ivanti Neurons to support a wide new range of event-driven automated workflows for addressing security and other incidents and changes. 

Modern User Experience that is seamless across devices and screen sizes   

Ivanti continues to improve the user experience for both end users and analysts through the introduction of additional controls that can be used in the Modern Analyst UI. We will continue to progress the user experience towards the vision of a modern experience that is seamless across mobile, tablet and desktop.

Unified Endpoint Management / Digital Experience Management

Autonomously quantify and optimize your Digital Employee Experience

Ivanti Neurons for Digital Experience enables organizations to track, score, and optimize their employee’s digital experience to improve productivity, security, and employee retention. It effectively measures and proactively optimizes the experience employees get through the devices and applications they rely on in their Everywhere Workplace and provides IT teams with:  

  • Real-time actionable insights: Aggregate and monitor usage, performance, and security data from all the devices and applications employees use to be productive  
  • Understand employee sentiment: Go beyond post-ticket surveys and collect contextual sentiment via interactive automation bots to understand employees’ experience with the technology they use to get their job done  
  • Track and optimize experience over time: Measure, score and optimize the digital employee experience to track experience over time and predict potential productivity degradation   
  • Prevent issues before they happen: Surface potential IT and security issues and make recommendations on actions to remediate and improve the digital employee experience.  

This is critical, given a recent study by Ivanti revealed that 49% of employees are frustrated by company-provided tech. Ivanti Neurons for Digital Experience equips IT teams with contextual insights and intelligent automation to proactively detect and resolve issues and security vulnerabilities to provide better digital employee experiences and business outcomes. Visit Digital Employee Experience (DEX) Solutions | Ivanti for more information. 

Ivanti Neurons for UEM

Ivanti continues to innovate Neurons for UEM with more integrated, seamless experience for IT to leverage the Neurons platform. With Neurons for UEM organizations can automate tasks that discover, manage, secure, and service IT assets to help thrive in the Everywhere Workplace – all while delivering an exceptional digital employee experience. With Q3 release, Neurons for UEM enables IT admin to effortlessly switch between Neurons and MDM and Neurons platform via a pull-down menu. With built-in SSO, there is no need to log into each interface separately. 

Ivanti Neurons for MDM R84 & R85

Ivanti continues to enhance Neurons for MDM and add new capabilities to improve IT efficiency and user experience, device/data security. There are several new features to better support frontline and task-worker use cases and 5G Slicing has been extended to work profile on company devices.


  • Support Software Update commands for non-DEP supervised macOS devices.  
  • Account Driven User Enrollment became available for macOS 


  • Robust support for frontline/task worker use cases  
    • Secure file transfer to apps 
    • Batter status – provides better visibility, reduces impacts on business 
    • Notification support for kiosk devices improves user experience by delivering critical communication 
  • QR code-based registration provides more flexibility with BYOD registration 
  • 5G Slicing extended to Work Profile on Company Devices

Windows/App mgmt. 

  • Support for ARM powered Windows Devices 
  • Report on the status of Windows Updates distributed to your fleet for vulnerabilities risk assessments   
  • Enhancements on app mgmt. provide better visibility and enable IT to efficiently manage apps and settings etc.

Ivanti EPMM

Ivanti continues to enhance EPMM and add new capabilities to improve IT efficiency, admin experience and support frontline/task worker use cases. With EPMM 11.7 release, support for macOS and Windows devices is back.  


  • Software update enhancements: Flexibility and ease of use for admin to distribute software update. 
  • New restrictions to improve end user data security 
  • macOS support is back in EPMM 


  • Robust support for frontline/task worker use cases  
    • Secure file transfer to apps 
    • Batter status – provides better visibility, reduces impacts on business 
    • Notification support for kiosk devices improves user experience by delivering critical communication 

Windows/App mgmt. 

  • Windows device management is back in EPMM 
  • Admin can do advanced search installed apps (app inventory) – faster, targeted search results. 
  • Improve IT efficiency by creating one configuration that applies to multiple apps and target labels and groups

Enhancements with Microsoft/Autopilot support, Web Console, and Productivity/Security with the launch of Endpoint Manager 2022 SU1

Ivanti continues to innovate and enhance Endpoint Manager 2022 with the latest Service Update with improvements in patching, user interface, and provisioning. 

  • Custom Patch Campaigns 
  • Office 365 Long-Term Servicing Channel (LTSC) 2021 support 
  • Oracle Linux Support 
  • Web Console Enhancements 
  • Hardware Independent Imaging Improvements 
  • Apple Support Enhancements 
  • Enhanced Windows Autopilot Support

Extended Products Group

Ivanti Workspace Control 2022.3

Ivanti Workspace Control 2022.3 introduces the following new features and enhancements:

  • Authorized Owners: We have now finalized the Authorized Owners feature, following its initial introduction in the 2022.1 release. 
  • Support for Modern Desktop: We have made some further changes to help customers ease the journey to Windows 11 and speed up Windows 11 adoption. 
  • Logon Performance Enhancement: We have provided the ability to see full detailed logon information along with the ability to easily filter on anything that takes longer than 0.2 seconds. 
  • Export Enhancements: All list views in the console can now be exported for further analysis or for import into a 3rd party reporting tool (e.g., PowerBI/Splunk). 
  • MSIX Early Access: We are currently adding MSIX support to the product so that we can deliver the same experience as we currently do with App-V 4.x and 5.x.  This release provides a sneak preview of this feature and is available for customers as an Early Access feature. Help us ensure that the feature meets your needs by trying it out and providing feedback.

For more details and a full list of all the new capabilities, check out the release notes.

Ivanti Device Control 2022.3

Ivanti Device Control 2022.3 introduces the following new features and enhancements:

  • Cloud Drive Management: Application Boundary is a new feature for logging and controlling cloud drive applications. A small subset of its functionality was made available as a public preview with V2022.1, and the enhanced functionality is now fully available in this release. 
  • Additional logging option for optical media: There is now an additional option to log every INSERT event for optical media.  
  • Improved logging and handling of connected Bluetooth devices: The handling of bluetooth connected devices has been improved by also including the UniqueID. This improves the identification of individual Bluetooth devices and enables you to set individual permissions on a single instance of a device. 
  • MacOS Agent enhancement: The MacOS client agent can now handle the Wi-Fi and Ethernet Class in the same way as on the Windows side. 
  • Reporting for BitLocker system drive encryption: The Client Status report now includes an additional column to provide an overview of which client is protected using the BitLocker System Drive Encryption - and more importantly, which client is not currently protected.

For more details and a full list of all the new capabilities, check out the release notes.

Ivanti Identity Director 2022.3

In this release of Ivanti Identity Director, we have made access certifications more flexible and powerful through several enhancements: 

  • Allow mass operation throughout the review process: You can now approve/deny all access with just a few clicks in the User Portal. 
  • Create recurring schedule for campaigns: Campaigns can now be scheduled to run on a weekly, monthly, quarterly, semi-annual, and annual basis. 
  • Reconciliation area: The Microsoft Active Directory connector has been moved to a separate reconciliation area. Here, you are now also able to see the people being synchronized and brought in from the Microsoft AD. 
  • Expanding the scope of the “Group Membership” data source: People brought in via this connector are also being searched for in deeper levels, such as subgroups.

Beyond access certification enhancements, we have made these additional updates to Identity Director: 

  • Added two person attributes that are brought in dynamically from smart rules. The results of those smart rules are people that can be used in the form of list and checklist attributes within provide information. 
  • Made UX enhancements to the user portal and the management portal. 
  • Offered the ability for the end user to search within the list attribute used in provide Information.

For more details and a full list of all the new capabilities, check out the release notes. Also, check out the latest videos on the Ivanti Identity Director showcase page covering topics such as access certification.

Ivanti Service Desk 2022.3

Ivanti Service Desk 2022.3 introduces the following new features and enhancements: 

  • Ivanti Neurons integration: The 2022.3 release adds an OAuth2 connection to Ivanti Neurons enabling customers to populate device and user data from the Ivanti Neurons platform into Ivanti Service Desk. 
  • REST Web Service enhancement: We have further enhanced the REST web service in the 2022.2 release by adding OAuth2 authentication and XML-based payloads support to REST behavior. This enables customers to create and update Microsoft Office 365 calendar entries for activities such as Change Management or Engineer scheduling and to integrate with XML payload-based tools such as Microsoft Orchestrator.

For more details and a full list of all the new capabilities, check out the release notes.

Ivanti Endpoint Security 2022.2

Ivanti Endpoint Security 2022.2 introduces the following new features and enhancements: 

  • REST API enhancements: We have made some significant additions to the set of REST APIs available for Ivanti Endpoint Security. Version 2.0 of the REST API Framework adds several APIs focused on Patch Automation and Policy Export scenarios 
  • Audit Log Enhancements: We have enhanced our audit logs to include patch deployment and user/administrator role changes. 
  • Package Editor Support: Following the EoL of Microsoft Internet Explorer, we have updated the Package Editor so that it can be used with the Microsoft Edge Browser in IE mode.

For more details and a full list of all the new capabilities, check out the release notes.

Ivanti Desktop & Server Management 2022.1 SU1

We have released a service update for the DSM 2021.1 release. For more details, check out the release notes.