Cloud-based solutions like Ivanti Neurons offer your organization the latest capabilities, scalability and flexibility for software security and endpoint management. To maintain the most modern portfolio of solutions possible, Ivanti announced the retirement of Ivanti Workspace Control (IWC) on Jan. 31, 2024.  

That decision was rooted in our dedication to your success and the pursuit of innovation. Ivanti chose to discontinue IWC because Ivanti has a cloud-first strategy – and User Workspace Manager (UWM) is natively better suited for cloud deployment. As both products have similar outcomes for most use cases, the decision was made to use the technology in UWM to help Ivanti in the move to the cloud. 

Your organization, like Ivanti, is evolving with the demands of your users and advancements in technology. This is a suitable time to re-evaluate if your current Ivanti solution is still the correct one – just as when you start your career with a small car, evolve to a more spacious car when you start a family and, when the children leave the nest, maybe go for something smaller and sportier. 

Scenarios to help you migrate 

To aid your journey to elevate your Everywhere Work environment, we have defined a handful of scenarios for you that can help to realign Ivanti solutions to your current and future needs: 

Option A: You still rely on on-premises software. Whether you cannot move away from on-premises software or have another reason, you still must reduce workload and increase workspace stability as you have with IWC for a long time. Ivanti's UWM solution is as flexible and reliable as IWC and offers similar outcomes as IWC to manage and secure your workspace.  

Option B: You’re thinking of expanding option A to work from anywhere, supporting the Everywhere Work lifestyle. Perhaps you are serving an employee with a laptop who needs the same management but doesn’t come into the office that much anymore. Or, you have remote sites that also need management, but the cost of adding management components is too high. For this we have Ivanti UWM Hybrid: Ivanti UWM combined with management of your endpoints through our Ivanti Neurons cloud platform. 

Option C: You are moving to so-called “modern management” of your endpoints, with a cloud-based solution using the APIs in the OS like Ivanti Neurons for MDM. This approach has different requirements and needs to be as effective as IWC. To adapt to this new way of working, Ivanti developed the Neurons platform – more specifically Neurons for DEX – to allow for everywhere support of the user and endpoint. Get full visibility with remote control and proactive healing. Combine this with option B in case you need to set application settings, still want to map printers when employees come to the office or need better protection on the endpoint like an application allow/deny list or privilege management. 

Option D: As an add-on to option C, change to a fully integrated platform in which you can discover, manage and secure the device through Ivanti Neurons. This will create full visibility for your assets, making sure they are healthy and getting all updates and correct software while supporting the endpoints wherever they are. 

Depending on where you are moving with your strategy, Ivanti can help find a proper path forward. We can make it easier for you to switch to a new solution by supplying a fit-for-purpose licensing structure and technical support through our professional service department and our partner network. And if you need training on how to implement and use the new Ivanti solution, you can access high-level technical training courses on our Ivanti Advantage Learning website

For more information, please read our knowledge base article “Product Life Cycle Policy for Ivanti Workspace Control and Ivanti Virtual Desktop Extender.”