Ivanti User Workspace Manager 2023.3 is now available — and for the first time you can manage your deployments from the cloud!

Ivanti User Workspace Manager (UWM) is now part of Ivanti Neurons, allowing you to manage and deploy your UWM configurations and agents via the Neurons platform. This takes the place of the Management Center (although the on-premises Management Center is still available). 

We have called this a 'hybrid' release, as you'll still need to use the UWM consoles on Windows devices to create and manage your configurations. This is a first step in bringing UWM capabilities to the cloud, and more features are planned for the future.

A major initial benefit is the ability to deploy agents and configurations to devices outside the corporate network. Over the past three years, there's been a big increase in the amount of remote working, and with that comes devices that aren't always connected to the internal network to receive updates. This supports Ivanti's 'Everywhere Work' approach in enabling greater flexibility and freedom for both you and your employees.

In addition to the UWM deployment features now available in Ivanti Neurons, you'll also be able to utilize the capabilities of Ivanti Neurons For Edge Intelligence. As an integral piece of the Ivanti Neurons platform, Ivanti Neurons For Edge Intelligence gives IT the ability to gather real-time insights from all devices using Natural Language Processing. It provides operational awareness in seconds of inventory, health and security configurations across the edge leveraging a sensor-based architecture.

For users of UWM, the information gathered by Edge Intelligence will be of great benefit when it comes to planning or managing your UWM configurations. 

You can read more about the features and benefits of Ivanti Neurons For Edge Intelligence here.