Elevate Ivanti Workspace Control to the Cloud with Ivanti Neurons

Thank you for choosing to partner with Ivanti for your workspace control solution. However you decide to move forward, Ivanti will be with you every step of the way to offer dedicated support, information and advice. Contact us to receive personal guidance and discuss your particular situation.

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Ivanti’s strategy for 2024 and beyond is “SaaS-first but not cloud-only.” As an end-of-life plan is in place for Ivanti Workspace Control, we would like to share with you the options to begin your journey to the cloud with Ivanti Neurons. Please review the datasheet to be informed of what will happen between now and December 2026, and how Ivanti Neurons can help you to elevate your workspace management capabilities to the next level.

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Elevate your workspace control environment with Neurons

Would you like to transition from on-prem to cloud on your own terms? We understand. Elevate your current Ivanti Workspace Control environment with the functionalities of Neurons for Digital Employee Experience (DEX), so you can run a hybrid environment and seamlessly transition to the cloud, whenever you're ready.

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