When I started at Ivanti, I asked around to get a diagram of process flows and communication flow for Endpoint Manager (EPM). I was given two different diagrams that were each about 10 years old and not customer ready. While not much of the communication had changed, some had making these outdated and irrelevant. I decided to take these diagrams, update them, and put them into a simple and modern diagram that would be customer ready for posting online.

My first diagram is the basic architecture of EPM and all the TCP and UDP ports needed. With Zero Trust being top of mind with network security teams I believe this will help you become more secure to allow only the required ports to traverse your network(s). Ivanti is promoting the #SummerOfSecurity and this fits right in with this campaign.

I will be working to build additional diagrams of the various tasks that EPM does. This is so you can understand the process flow as well as communication between executing a discovery or software installation.

If you have comments or something you’d like me to blog about or do a diagram for please reach out to me on Twitter @metafiske or LinkedIn.

ivanti endpoint manager basic architecture diagram