Sunblock. Life vest. Zero trust. Get the essential tools you need to stay safe this summer. 

Sunblock: Check.

Life vest: Check.

Zero trust security: Wait, what?

Summer gives us all a little breathing room and a chance to relax. This summer, perhaps more than any other in our lifetimes, we’re all looking forward to loosening up.

As we get a hint of normalcy, or at least what “normal” is going to look like now that we’re in the Everywhere Workplace, many people are letting their guards down.

We want folks to relax. We really do.

But first, you have to put the right protections in place.

If you’re headed out for a day on the water, you could go without sunblock, but you’ll likely get fried.

You could go without a life vest, but it only takes one incident for everything to go horribly wrong.

In your business, you could hope that passwords and perimeters and local access networks are enough to keep your people, brand and data safe.

But it only takes one incident for everything to go horribly wrong. And even if there isn’t a major incident, every day you risk it, you build up a greater possibility of a red-faced, painful disaster.

That’s why we’re calling 2021 the Summer Of Security. Or, to make it really clear: S.O.S.

We love an extended metaphor, but here’s the real deal:

  • 59 percent of organizations have been the victim of a ransomware attack in the past twelve months.
  • 84% of organizations agree zero trust is the right security path forward. Yet only 43% have a fully implemented framework in place.

The Everywhere Workplace has opened up new possibilities, new freedoms, and new security threats. If your workforce has decentralized but your security hasn’t caught up, you should be sounding the alarm, too.

Let’s be real: The abrupt shifts of the last year left people scrambling, and everyone did the best they could. We know people are still struggling. That’s exactly why we’re declaring S.O.S.: because in this case, a bit of protection and prevention can be the difference between smooth sailing this summer and a problem that sets your organization back even further.

We know everyone’s still doing the best they can. This alarm isn’t meant to scare anyone or make it more stressful. It’s meant to help people get their feet under them again and move forward with safety, security and confidence.

Here’s what you can do right now to make this the Summer of Security:

Safety first! Your S.O.S. squad is here to help. Contact us right now to learn more.