Ivanti Desktop and Server Management continues to grow and innovate with the latest update - now available for all customers.

Further underlining our previous commitment to the continued investment and growth of the product – DSM remains a much loved and valued solution by many enterprises and we look forward to further exciting enhancements in the future!

In addition to the latest release – we are excited to announce one of the most significant new enhancements to DSM in recent times...

Ivanti Neurons for Discovery Connector!

Enrich Ivanti Neurons for Discovery data via DSM data. The Connector will be able to connect to the DSM Database directly and collect information such as:

  • Inventory data
  • Installed DSM packages
  • User data
  • Open Vulnerabilities

There is also no need to install the Neurons Agent in addition to the DSM Client Agent - the DSM database will provide the data to Ivanti Neurons for Discovery via the new Connector!

You can read more about the new Connector here

The new service update for Ivanti Desktop and Server Management includes several bug fixes as well as a focus on increased client-side password security.

With Service Update 2 for DSM 2020.2 we have improved password handling within the product.

While all server-side passwords are already encrypted with the highest AES standard, we have now improved the client-side password handling using Argon2.

With this implementation we further increase the security in handling those client-side passwords.

While we always recommend the ‘Zero-Account-Model’ (using the system account whenever possible) for high security environments, the newly implemented standard dramatically increases the security in environments that have a dedicated Runtime user in place.

Service Update 2 includes more than 10 bug fixes and as service updates are cumulative, the new update can be installed directly onto DSM 2020.2.

Check out the release notes to learn more about the latest improvements.