Watch it in action during the Ivanti Solutions Summit

From his desk in Manhattan NYC, Andy Byrne brings you his monthly insights and scoops on the Ivanti Extended Products you know and love. This time, we’re diving into Desktop and Server Management (DSM), that’s now for the first time connecting to Ivanti Neurons.

Desktop and Server Management (DSM) is now for the first time connecting to Ivanti Neurons with the connector to Ivanti Neurons for Discovery. This is an exciting progression for both existing customers as well as potential customers looking to both manage and secure physical and virtual endpoints throughout their lifecycle and leverage the benefits of the cloud.

Whilst this blog provides a sneak peek into its benefits, we encourage you to register for the Ivanti Solutions Summit where you can watch the Ivanti Neurons for Discovery DSM Connector in action. Sweatpants are allowed, as this event is virtual.

Now, let’s dive in!

Current and Future capabilities of Ivanti Neurons for Discovery for DSM.

By connecting DSM to Ivanti Neurons for Discovery, you can:

  • See all DSM-installed endpoints and the software and patches they installed in one view
  • Get insights from multiple data sources through a single pane of glass
  • Augment and analyze in-depth DSM inventory data in minutes
  • Connect the dots between multiple discovery sources
  • Optimize software and hardware assets

This is just the beginning of DSM’s journey into the Ivanti Neurons platform. In the future, it’s connection to Ivanti Neurons for Discovery will enable you to act in DSM directly via Ivanti Neurons. You can install software and patch packages and even re-install entire operating systems without having to switch consoles. Ivanti Neurons will act as a single pane of glass for all Ivanti solutions (and various third parties too), how cool is that!

Next up: Ivanti Neurons for Patch Intelligence

There’s another Neurons connection to DSM: Ivanti Neurons for Patch Intelligence. This connection will enable you to:

  • Leverage a centralized view into your environment in a feature-rich dashboard
  • See all the vulnerability details discovered by DSM, as well as the status directly in Ivanti Neurons for Patch Intelligence
  • Track any out-of-compliance machines and updates against your SLA
  • Improve patch reliability by pulling actionable intelligence from crowdsourced patch deployment data and public sentiment data
  • Prioritize risk-based information sourced from top threat databases
  • Leverage more actionable information based on real-world threats

The connector will connect to the DSM database directly. No need to have an additional agent installed besides the DSM agent, to use this functionality.

Stay tuned, we’ll keep you posted on the launch of Ivanti Neurons for Patch Intelligence!