Ivanti Neurons for Patch Intelligence

Achieve faster and more effective vulnerability remediation‚Äč

Remediate Vulnerabilities Faster

Intelligence with threat-context, patch your highest vulnerability risks today‚Äč.

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Identify Non-Compliant Systems

Track via feature-rich compliance reporting.

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Deliver Actionable Intelligence Automatically

Act on threats faster and reduce your time-to-patch.

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Ivanti Neurons for Patch Intelligence

Vulnerability and threat insights for risk-based prioritization

Ivanti Neurons for Patch Intelligence delivers automated insight into your risk exposure by providing remediation prioritization based on adversarial risk. Quickly understand which remediation actions to take first with Vulnerability Risk Rating (VRR). Threat-context for vulnerabilities via supervised and unsupervised machine learning provides the real-time intelligence on vulnerability exploits that are actively trending in the wild, and those that have ties to ransomware. Act faster against risk exposure prioritizing where to patch with Ivanti Neurons for Patch Intelligence.

Intelligence to address today's highest exposure risks

Prioritize vulnerabilities based on active risk exposure, reliability and compliance.

Focus on Risk

Understand your vulnerability exposure with threat-context and actionable insights.


Achieve faster SLAs with patch reliability and trending insight to focus testing efforts and reduce time to patch.


Identify non-compliant systems with feature-rich compliance reporting.