Learn More about  Ivanti NeuronsThe theme for Ivanti this summer has been one of transformation, and in keeping with that theme, today we announced enhanced capabilities for the Ivanti Enterprise Service Management portfolio. Leveraging Ivanti Neurons, these enhancements include:

  • Automatic Asset Discovery and population of Asset Management and Configuration Management Databases, providing accurate and actionable asset information at the fraction of cost, effort and time.
  • Biometric Authentication and push notification enhancements to mobile applications.
  • Integrated Self-Service Chat for internet browsers and mobile applications.  
  • Extended Out-of-the-Box Content for Facilities Management, adding to HR, and other department use cases beyond IT, providing automated workflows to reduce manual steps for processes across the entire enterprise.
  • Automation Connectors to the Epic EMR (Electronic Medical Record) software application and IBM environments to further improve efficiency and quality of end-to-end processes.

The new releases give service desks greater visibility—in real time—to actionable information across their device estate to improve the accuracy, speed and efficiency of services delivered. This leads to better outcomes and can resolve up to 80% of issues before users report them through the use of automation bots.

Ivanti EVP and Chief Product Officer Nayaki Nayyar said this about the enhanced capabilities:

"Today’s users, whether working remote or in the office, expect a personal and immediate resolution for issues impacting their ability to remain productive. The combination of Ivanti Enterprise Service Management with Ivanti Neurons augments service desk analysts with automation bots that detect and resolve issues and security vulnerabilities proactively, predictably, and autonomously. This is one of the ways we transform service desk operations and enable significantly better user experiences and outcomes."

Naomi Lutvey, Director of Client Services for ICT Services within the Enterprise Services Division, University of Southern Queensland (USQ), said the following:

"With Ivanti, virtually every department in the University now has access to a dedicated staff knowledgebase—HR, Facilities, Legal, Faculty, Student Service teams, Marketing teams, etc. It’s allowed us to move ahead very, very quickly and demonstrate the reasons why we wanted to track and manage remote devices without staff needing to be connected to a VPN. It’s configurable. I can’t emphasize that enough. There is no coding—it’s all configuration. And the flexibility which that has allowed us is enormous.” 

Ivanti Service Manager 2020.2, Ivanti Asset Manager 2020.2, Ivanti Automation 2020.2, and Ivanti Neurons are available now.