Greetings and welcome to this week’s installment of Ivanti’s ICYMI (in case you missed it) series, where we compile all of the major Ivanti happenings into one compact blog post.  

In the News

We had our first cybersecurity game show!

When we first sent out the invitation for a cybersecurity themed game show webinar, people thought we were joking. The words “webinar” and “entertaining” are rarely used in the same sentence, but we decided to shake things up.  

Don’t miss the hilarious game show recap here. The game show included five different segments: 

  • Know your Malware – Malware-related trivia questions asking about the most random, wacky details of these insane attacks.  
  • Hack Phrase – Fill in the blank on the security-themed limerick (written by famous Ivanti blog author, Brent Bluth. Read more of his limericks here). 
  • Fact or Fiction – Contestants had to decide if our customer-submitted IT stories were real or fake.
  • Name that Hack – Security hack related questions, including many high profile hacks. 
  • Malware or Children’s Show? – It turns out a lot of malware attacks sound like kid’s television shows and vice versa. Don’t believe us? Cyberchase and Thugaboo are children’s shows, while I Love You and Shady Rat are malware.  

The game show was a blast and our contestants and audience participants had a lot of fun. Feeling serious FOMO about skipping the webinar? You can still play along on our game show quiz for a chance to win a 25 dollar gift card!  

Blog Posts

  • SITS 2018 – We’ll be at the Service Desk and IT Support Show this June, and you should come too. Read to find out why.  
  • Preparing for GDPR Legislation – I’ll say it, GDPR is kind of boring. But you know what isn’t boring? Taking online quizzes. We’ve spiced up GDPR with our 10-question assessment.  
  • Britain Spells IT Opportunities for Young Women – This Q&A with Melanie Karunaratne goes into STEM efforts and women in IT. This is a must-read.  
  • HDI Event – Kevin J Smith has graced our blog with his presence yet again, in this post full of advice for making the most out of the event. Disclaimer: Although this event is in Las Vegas, the blog post contains no Black Jack advice.  

Coming Up

Fun stuff coming up! We’ll be at the Cleveland Health IT Summit and at the Dallas RoundUp this upcoming week. We also have a couple of webinars, one about security reporting and analytics and another about ISM dashboards. We’ve also revamped the Women in Tech section of our blog, so keep an eye on that for some hella dope articles written by yours truly (and a bunch of other talented Ivanti content creators).

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