In a business full of acquisitions, mergers, and evolving technologies, one thing is for sure. There will always be limericks.

These short poems are regularly written by Ivanti-famed copywriter, editor, and poet, Brent Bluth, and they have become a staple in the digital marketing department.

Affectionately nicknamed "BB" by those in the office, Brent has more than 12 years of experience working for Ivanti. He has watched the business grow from a standalone, privately held company in 2005, to a thriving global enterprise. The most recent acquisition with RES put the employee count at just over 2,000, with 36 offices in 23 countries.

And let's not forget the epic rebrand of January 2017.

It is with this history in mind that we want you to enjoy the following acquisition-inspired limericks by Brent Bluth. (See a collection of his blog posts here.)


Consult your favorite auntie

or the works of Charlotte Brontë.

Better yet,

search the net.

LANDESK’s now Ivanti.


People often want tea

to get them feeling jaunty.

Our new name

works the same. 

Wavelink’s now Ivanti.


Aunt LaVaun called me

from Burlington, Vermont. She

said breaking news

startled her snooze.

Shavlik’s now Ivanti.


Veggies from Del Monte.

Sri Lanka grows Ceylon Tea.

Success and fame

stem from a name.

AppSense is now Ivanti.


Philosopher Immanuel Kant, he

applied his brain full Monty. 

Rhyme and reason

prevail this season.

HEAT is now Ivanti.


Concorde’s now Ivanti.


It’s not ironic

we’re supersonic

in license simplicity.


RES is now Ivanti.

Why? It’s plain to see.

Den Bosch is awash

in software panache—

an advantage for things IT.