Automate Server ManagementQuickly deploy servers to augment capacity and keep up with user demand

Unified management

Manage servers and desktops from the same console.

Efficiently manage servers and streamline user experience.


Discover how to schedule server maintenance windows without compromising productivity.

Server Management made easy

Increase availability of business critical applications with no additional server hardware investment

Replicate configurations to clients and to servers throughout the enterprise, from the same unified console. Quickly deploy servers to augment capacity and keep up with user demand—without having to add new server hardware. Synchronize server configurations and utilize ready-to-use packages for OS and Citrix XenApp components to eliminate inconsistent software states and configurations that endanger availability and increase support costs. 

With DSM a small staff can manage and provide updates to a large number of clients and servers.
Riaan van der WesthuizenInfrastructure Architect

Empower users, enable improved business performance

Automate, manage and secure your endpoints