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Your Workspace Management Future Begins Now

Your transition your way: Learn your options beyond Ivanti Workspace Control

Ivanti User Workspace Manager is the ideal tool to tackle IT issues arising from the rapid growth of hybrid work. Because UWM is natively suited to cloud-based deployment, UWM is the ideal next step beyond Ivanti Workspace Control (IWC), which is being discontinued Dec. 31, 2026. With UWM, you get a flexible, scalable solution for software security. You can choose to use UWM in an on-premises or hybrid format — even migrate to Ivanti Neurons for Digital Experience or stay with IWC until 2026.

Now is the time to step into the cloud-based future

Your organization is evolving with the needs of your end users — and Ivanti is evolving with you. We can make it easier for you to switch to a new solution by supplying a fit-for-purpose licensing structure and technical support. And, access high-level technical training courses on our Ivanti Learning website.

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Dive into the capabilities of UWM

The core components of UWM — Environment Manager, Application Control and Performance Manager — offer the nearly same capabilities and outcomes as IWC, but with more modern technology. Our experts have created a webinar to explain the many capabilities of UWM, including context-aware user workspace and application security, just-in-time profile management, zero-day threat protection and much more.

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We are with you every step of your journey

To get a better sense of how UWM can serve and protect your end users in the most demanding hybrid work environments, reach out to us to request an expert demo or schedule time with an Ivanti sales specialist.

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Vos Logistics

"By limiting the CPUs, the runaway application is now under control. By eliminating reboots, the cost of UWM was recouped within a few months. Ivanti User Workspace Manager’s ease of use saves a lot of time that we can now spend on more important things."

Deakin University

"We loved Environment Manager’s simplicity and ease of use. Logon times plummeted, and users stopped experiencing profile corruption."

Region Midtjylland

"UWM has been instrumental in achieving the desired security, consolidation and familiarity of desktops."

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Slash Costs, Smooth Migrations and Accelerate User Experience

Ivanti UWM simplifies desktop configuration, cuts IT costs and secures user sessions while optimizing the user experience.

Application Control for Windows

Increase endpoint security and reduce IT workload and cost.

Transitioning from Ivanti IWC to Ivanti Neurons

Ivanti prioritizes a “SaaS first” approach while retaining flexibility beyond “cloud only.” Transition from Ivanti IWC to Ivanti Neurons is a collaborative journey, allowing parallel operation to explore expanded capabilities and streamline IT efficiency.

Product Life Cycle Policy for Ivanti Workspace Control

The Ivanti Workspace Control end-of-life date is Dec. 31, 2026. At that time, security-related hot fixes, technical support and product downloads will no longer be available.

Experience all the benefits of Ivanti UWM

Centralize your workspace management with a secure, scalable solution in a hybrid or on-premises format.