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Your Workspace Management Future Begins Now

April 22, 2024

The increasing demand for hybrid work environments is driving workspace management solutions to the cloud. Engineered with this in mind, Ivanti’s User Workspace Manager (UWM) features Environment Manager, Performance Manager and Application Control functionality that is natively suited to cloud deployment. 

In fact, the three core components of UWM are the same as in Ivanti Workspace Control (IWC), which we will discontinue on Dec. 31, 2026. So now is the ideal time to examine your migration options – and this expert webinar will help you by defining the capabilities of UWM and how to map your transition. 

You have several options for your immediate workspace management strategy, including: 

  • On-premises or hybrid solution with UWM. 
  • Migrating to Ivanti Neurons for Digital Experience (DEX). 
  • Stay with IWC through to the end of 2026. 

Listen in as our experts explain the benefits of UWM, including: 

  • Context-aware user workspace. 
  • Just-in-time profile management. 
  • Zero-day threat protection. 
  • Context-aware application security. 
  • Autonomous resource management. 
  • Endpoint analysis. 
Sacoro Fraenk
Senior Sales Executive
Patrick Kaak
Senior Sales Engineer