How to Determine Which Email Address Ivanti Is Using

In the rare event you continue to receive email from Ivanti even after unsubscribing, it is because the email address you provided during the unsubscribe process is not the one Ivanti is using or you are associated with multiple email addresses in our database. 

For example:

  1. If your organization changed its email address scheme, but still accepts email sent to old email addresses.
  2. If you sometimes use a personal email address to register for events, webinars or whitepapers.
  3. If there is an auto-forward rule that sends email from another email account to you (e.g., if a former employee’s email is forwarded to your account).

If you regularly receive more than one copy of the same email from Ivanti, this is probably the reason. Unfortunately, because we have no way knowing that all these email addresses are “you,” there is no way for us to automatically unsubscribe them all at once. 

To correct this, you need to know which email address is receiving the message and unsubscribe that email address. 

There are several ways to do this:

  • Click the Unsubscribe or Subscription Center link at the bottom of a recent email you received from Ivanti. The email address field should auto-fill.
    Note: If your browser is set to private or anonymous mode, or if cookies are turned off, this will not work. 


  • Check the footer at the bottom of the email to see which email address was sent the message. Use that email address to unsubscribe.
    Note: Not all Ivanti email currently contains the email address in the footer. 


  • Check the Header information on a recent email you received from Ivanti to determine where it was sent. Use this email address to unsubscribe.

In Outlook, you can do this by opening the email, selecting File | Properties, and scrolling through the text to find your email address.  For additional information about how to find and read the email header for other email services, click here.

Note: The display email address shown in Outlook may not be accurate if the email was automatically forwarded from another email account. However, the Header should show the email address where the message was originally sent.

If you have questions or need further help, please email [email protected]