This year is the year of Windows 10. Whether that statement excites you or makes you want to hide under your desk and cry, now is the time to migrate to Windows 10 and build a strategy to improve your Windows management approach.take window 10 to the next level

Ivanti wants to help with this process, so we’ve created a free virtual event, the Windows 10 Summit. Similar to the IT Leadership Summit last October, this is a pitch-free event sponsored by Ivanti, IGEL, Readiness, LogicDS, and Juriba, all of whom are leads in the IT space. The event will run May 30th from 8am-2pm PT.

If you’re still unsure if this event is for you, here are five reasons why you should attend our virtual event.

  1. Time is running out for migrations – Support for Windows 7 ends on January 14, 2020. In eight short months, your organization could be exposed to major security vulnerabilities if you haven’t already migrated your users. During this event, we’ll be giving all of those migration-procrastinators vital information to make your migration as painless as possible.
  2. We’re not just talking about migration – Windows 10 isn’t just an update, it’s a lifecycle. It is no longer three to five years between major OS migrations. The new faster release cadence pressures IT to run multiple Windows versions in parallel and be in a continuous state of migration. In this event, we’ll cover how to handle this situation and maximize your users’ experience after you migrate. We’ll also dive into best practices and how to reap the benefits of the new operating system.
  3. Six informative sessions – The event includes six sessions, all focused on giving you valuable information to achieve Windows 10 nirvana. We’ll start the day off with a panel of experts at Microsoft, where they will give insight into how to improve your overall experience with Windows as a Service. The sessions are led by industry experts from companies across the world. We’ll cover how to design the ultimate Windows 10 workspace, how to get your executive management fired up about Evergreen IT after your migration, patching in a Windows 10 environment, and more!
  4. Ivanti’s popular Insights for Windows 10 in the Enterprise webinar series will be involved – Last June, Ivanti introduced a new bi-monthly webinar series all about Windows 10 in the enterprise that won over thousands of attendees. We’ll be running the webinar as part of the virtual event with the same presenters and format you know and love. That’s right, that means you can join Rex, Adam, and Ryan for the same banter, “dad jokes,” and insights that you know and love. We’ll be bringing back popular sections like “Insider Preview,” “Conversation Café,” and others.
  5. It is free and couldn’t be easier to attend – This event is hosted entirely online. No traveling, no convincing your boss to free up conference budget, no nametag required.

Now that you know what to expect, there is no reason not to register for our free, virtual-event, the Windows 10 Summit. We can’t wait to see you there!