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Ivanti Neurons 2021.1

What if you could discover and fix issues automatically before your users even know about them? Ivanti Neurons does just that. Powered by hyper-automation, it lets you remediate issues preemptively before they slow your productivity. Take troubleshooting off your agenda and deliver better experiences, everywhere your business works. The latest release of Ivanti Neurons 2021.1 provides new capabilities to accelerate time to value, further improve operational excellence and enhance your overall service experience. Enhancements include:

  • Agent Policy Framework: Administrators now have a higher level of flexibility for on-boarding and accelerating time to value with Ivanti Neurons.
  • Service Automation: Users can invoke Ivanti Neurons workflows from within the context of an incident in service management for automated issue remediation.
  • Device Reconciliation Smart Advisor: Dynamic reconciliation summary is provided for data from all your third-party sources to provide comprehensive insights for better and more informed decision making.
  • SNMP v3 Scanning: Find all non-endpoint devices like switches, routers, printers to further improve visibility of your IT landscape and enhance security, privacy and authentication.

Watch the What’s New Ivanti Neurons 2021.1 Momentum webinar to learn more about all the new Ivanti Neurons capabilities. Check out the demo of the Interactive Neurons for pre-ticket automation which empowers the service desk analysts and results in reduced ticket volumes into the service desk, and post-ticket automation for higher accuracy, improved mean time to remediation and optimal personalized experiences.


Ivanti Neurons for ITSM | Ivanti Neurons for ITAM 2021.2

It’s time to start getting ready for the upcoming Ivanti Neurons for ITSM and Ivanti Neurons for ITAM 2021.2 release for cloud deployments, scheduled to be available starting in July. This new release will deliver new capabilities for automatic ticket classification, powered by AI, alongside automatic recommendation for specific Ivanti Neurons bots to speed incident resolutions. Don’t miss hearing about several Self-Service enhancements such as setting personal favorites along with usability enhancements. You’ll want to check out the new Service Mapping integration with the CMDB to add more dependency and relationship information for your Configuration Items.

Learn more about the new release by viewing the “What’s New” session for Ivanti Neurons for ITSM and Ivanti Neurons for ITAM when available on the ITSM Community. Stay on top of the 2021.2 pilot and release dates, and other updates by checking the Ivanti Community and the Cloud Change Calendar. When available, you’ll be able to download the 2021.2 release for on premises deployment from the Ivanti Community here.

Find more Service and Asset Management documentation in the Product Documentation section of the Ivanti website.

Ivanti Neurons for Spend Intelligence 2021.1

IT teams are tasked to proactively manage software sprawl, keep security risks in check and look for ways to optimize spend. The number of software titles is growing rapidly, with remote work further accelerating software self-service and SaaS usage. Ivanti Neurons for Spend Intelligence provides instant insights into your organization’s software landscape and application spend for on-premises, cloud and edge environments to help improve operational speed, asset visibility and utilization. The latest release of Ivanti Neurons for Spend Intelligence includes enhancement to the SaaS spend capabilities including:

  • SaaS Subscription Linking: Purchase transactions can now be linked to SaaS applications automatically as well as manually to allow customers to see what they have purchased against a SaaS application and identify opportunities to purchase more or reduce subscriptions.
  • SaaS Spend Reporting: Spend reported against SaaS applications can be analyzed by average cost per user, spend over 365 days or high-level spend for all SaaS applications.

To learn more about Ivanti Neurons for Spend Intelligence and the latest updates:


Ivanti Endpoint Manager (EPM) 2021.1

Ivanti Endpoint Manager (EPM) 2021.1 releases to IT enterprise management the functionality, and security solutions needed to create better experiences for better user, IT, and business outcomes in the Everywhere Workplace. Ivanti Endpoint Manager includes all previous service updates from our 2020 releases along with new functionality, bug fixes and security fixes in the following areas:

  • Gain Visibility: Customers can now easily deploy the EPM Agent to unmanaged devices from the Unmanaged Device Discovery improving device visibility and minimizing risk.
  • Manage All Your devices: EPM now supports the latest Apple Silicon M1/Arm chips enabling deployment and management of the newest Apple Mac hardware supporting the devices your users prefer.
  • Move to the Cloud: Easily remote-control console sessions or RDP sessions by selecting from a list of active sessions on the targeted computer.

Stay up-to-date with Ivanti Endpoint Manager in the Ivanti Community and in Ivanti Help.


Ivanti User Workspace Manager (UWM) 2021.1

Ivanti User Workspace Manager 2021.1 continues to meet IT enterprise management needs and provide users an ambient Windows experience, wherever they may be in the Everywhere Workplace. The 2021.1 release builds on core UWM capabilities to deliver a best-in-class digital workspace management solution in the following areas:

  • Application Control: View the aggregated events from the clients in a new tool to analyze the policies and easily update them using simple gestures.
  • File Management: Reduced infrastructure cost and complexity while enabling on-demand troubleshooting and log capture.
  • User Productivity: Save time by using native command line tools for managing events and devices.

Keep up with User Workspace Manager in the Ivanti Community and in Ivanti Help.


Ivanti Neurons for Patch Intelligence 2021.2

Drive patch deployments from Ivanti Neurons to Ivanti Security Controls.

Ivanti customers utilizing Ivanti Neurons and the Security Controls connector can identify missing patches for a device and deploy selected patches from the Cloud within Ivanti Neurons. The connector configuration between Ivanti Neurons and Ivanti Security Controls deploys the selected patches with Ivanti Security Controls. Supports customers utilizing a hybrid cloud environment for patch management with Ivanti Neurons and Ivanti Security Controls.

Keep up with Ivanti Neurons for Patch Intelligence in the Ivanti Community.

Ivanti Security Controls 2021.2

Delete Machines | Rapid7 CVE Import Integration | License Visibility

Ivanti Security Controls (ISEC) 2021.2 release continues to deliver the security capabilities organizations need to adapt their security policies and minimize risk. With this release, you’ll get highly requested enhancements and an integration with Rapid7: 

  • Reduce the Noise of Machines that are No Longer Relevant – Easily remove machines that haven't checked-in, been assessed or deployed to in specified number of days within the console or with the REST API.  
  • Integration with Rapid7 Automates CVE Import – Use the REST API script to automate the import of CVEs identified in Rapid7 reports for remediation in Security Controls.
  • License Usage Visibility – See workstation and server licenses used right within the ISEC console or generate the enhanced Detailed License Status report for a licensing breakdown.

Stay up to date about Ivanti Security Controls in the Ivanti Community and in Ivanti Help.

Ivanti Patch for MEM 2021.1

Ivanti Patch for MEM 2021.1 release builds on automation capabilities to provide a more streamlined patch deployment process in the Everywhere Workplace.  

Patch more and save time with the following:

  • Complete set it and forget it workflows from publish to deploy.
  • Quickly access a history view of your specific automated tasks for reference and verification needs.
  • Providing one centralized area to import and automate the updates of applications into MECM and Intune.
  • Flexibility in scheduling patches to publish and deploy aligning with other security initiatives or events.

Stay on top of Patch for MEM releases in the Ivanti Community and in Ivanti Help.


Ivanti Xtraction 2021.1

The 2021.1 release of Xtraction sees the addition of some features that customers have been requesting from us. These include: the ability to manage folders of inactive users, as well as identify them more easily; enhancements to the scheduled report emails, including CC and BCC fields and a full HTML editor for the email body; and the addition of paging controls on lists displayed on dashboards. To read more about these features, please see the release notes on our Community or the Documentation. Xtraction customers will be pleased to read that we’re focusing heavily on delivering features that have a high number of votes from customers on our idea request portal throughout the rest of this year.

Ivanti Automation 2021.2

The Automation 2021.2 release is now available. It delivers more capabilities to improve the administration experience and automate more processes across multiple applications. New functionality in this release includes:

  • Source control for current configuration
  • PowerShell Core support for MacOS agent
  • Project or Runbook auto-creation from selected Module/Project
  • Global Variable delete checks
  • Support for Amazon RDS and Oracle databases

Don’t forget to also keep up on the latest connectors available in the Ivanti Marketplace.

Stay on top of Automation updates by checking the Ivanti Community. Download the 2021.2 release for on premises deployment from here. Find more Automation documentation in the Product Documentation section of the Ivanti website. Check out the release notes for detailed descriptions of the new features and other enhancements.


Ivanti Neurons for Healthcare

Connected medical devices represent a huge challenge for healthcare IT, biomedical and security teams. They are inherently vulnerable to cyberthreats, yet traditional cybersecurity measures cannot be applied to these devices and may even risk interfering with critical clinical operations.

Ivanti Neurons for Healthcare improves asset visibility and security risk mitigation for medical devices. The solution discovers and intelligently profiles medical devices and Internet of Medical Things (IoMT), assessing security risks, reporting threats, and reconciling device information across multiple data sources. Know more about the various healthcare-specific devices across your facilities, including device classification and usage information, with the details to reduce security risk or to attend to anomalies. Collect and reconcile vendor data, creating a single source of truth for all your medical devices.

To learn more:


Ivanti Device and Application Control 5.3

One of the most anticipated feature upgrades by our community has been supporting macOS. While enabling more users to enforce policies on removable devices, this release also includes the ability to save shadow files on custom paths including storage solutions. We have also incorporated easier management for application control by adding more PATH variables and an option to whitelist trusted certificates.

Watch the Momentum Webinar here.

 Read more about the release here.

Ivanti Workspace Control 2021.1

The focus of the Workspace Control 2021.1 release is on customers who are managing their modern desktops with greater usage of cloud technologies, as well as the many customers who continue to have users working from home and outside the corporate office.  The two main features in support of these initiatives are as follows:

Azure Active Directory Integration which enables customers to connect Workspace Control with Azure Active Directory and can then be used for context-based decisions in workspace containers, in zones and with access control. 

Azure User Settings which enables user settings to roam with users both inside and outside the corporate network.  Previously, user settings could only be synchronised with a network share which meant that you had to be connected to the corporate network.  With so many users now working from home and the expectation of greater flexibility in the future in terms of where users do their work, users are not always going to be connected to the corporate network.  By providing the ability to synchronise user settings with Azure storage,  users’ settings can be synchronised from wherever they are located.  All the users need is to have Internet access. 

In the 2021.1 release we have also continued to implement your product enhancement requests submitted via our User Voice Portal. Thank you for continuing to submit your ideas.  Please continue to do so and vote on those that are already in the system.  Your ideas and votes are an important input to our product roadmap. 

  • Watch the Momentum Webinar here
  • Read more about the releasehere.

Ivanti Desktop and Server Manager 2020.2.1

Now with Remote Control! Capable of reaching all Windows computers no matter whether they are in local network, connected via VPN, or on a completely different network (i.e. working from home, etc.). Narrow down the usage to only those employees who need it. In order to further increase productivity, features like file transfer, remote execution or clipboard sharing are also available. The up-to-date compression algorithm will ensure a fast and smooth remote control experience even on lower bandwidth.

  • Read more about the release here.