We are very excited to announce the official release of Ivanti Desktop and Server Management Remote Control - A new Remote Control solution based on Ivanti technology!

Ivanti continues to provide useful tools to support our customers in the Everywhere Workplace – especially in times where remote work is more often the norm rather than the exception.

With that in mind, Desktop and Server Management new Remote Control capability is able to reach all Windows computers no matter whether they are in a local network, connected via VPN, or on a completely different network (i.e. working from home, etc.). The new Remote Control tool was designed with security in mind.

Users now have the ability to use the Desktop and Server Management internal role permissions to narrow down the usage to only those employees who need it. Remote Control will use SSL by default and customers will be able to create and use their own certificate, or use a ticket created by Ivanti Desktop and Server Management.

Customers will have the convenience of starting the remote session directly inside the program. For additional flexibility we also integrated the ability to start a remote session via command line or directly from a browser window.

To further increase the productivity, features like file transfer, remote execution and clipboard sharing are also available. The up-to-date compression algorithm will ensure a fast and smooth Remote Control experience even on lower bandwidth.

Look for the next Desktop and Server Management product release and service update scheduled for April 6.