Product updates and releases covered in this newsletter: 

Identity & Automation 

  • NEW! Ivanti Password Director 

IT Asset Management 

  • License Optimizer 2018.6

Supply Chain 

  • Velocity 2.0.7 

Unified Endpoint Management 

  • Ivanti Package Studio 

User Workspace Management 

  • 5 Reasons Why You Need UWM More Than Ever 
  • New and Updated Datasheets 
  • RES Workspace and Ivanti Workspace Manager – Merger Update 


Introducing the new Ivanti Password Director solution 

Eliminate the No. 1 request to the service desk with self-service password reset 

Password reset requests typically account for 20% to 50% of service desk calls—making them a significant cost for IT. The new Ivanti Password Director self-service password reset tool lets end users securely resolve their own password resets, reducing service desk calls. This results in more streamlined IT operations, lower IT costs, and greater end-user satisfaction. A win-win all around for IT admins, security pros, and end users! 

Greater productivity and security with self-service password reset 

Resolving password reset requests manually consumes IT’s valuable time. And it hinders the productivity of end users while they are waiting for assistance from IT. 

Businesses and other organizations looking to ease the burden of password reset-related requests to the service desk will appreciate Ivanti Password Director because it empowers end users with a fast, secure way to reset their passwords or unlock their accounts on their own—without needing to contact the service desk. 

Anytime—during the workday, in the evenings, or on weekends—end users can reset their passwords or unlock their accounts on their own from the convenience of their Windows pre-login screen, a self-service web portal, or a mobile app. This drastically reduces the number of service desk calls, boosting the productivity of both the service desk staff and end users. 

Password policy enforcement, multiple authentication methods, and service desk integration also help strengthen security without creating more work for the IT team. 

Key features in Ivanti Password Director include: 

  • End-user self-service password reset and account unlock via mobile app, web portal, and pre-login for Windows 
  • Reset across Active Directory, Office 365,, and a growing list of additional reset sources 
  • Support for secondary email, security questions, and one-time PIN 
  • Service desk ticketing integration with Ivanti Service ManagerIvanti Service Desk, and others 
  • Service desk analyst or end user’s manager reset 
  • Support for a wide range of end user environments, including Windows, Mac, Linux, Unix, Mobile, and Virtual clients 
  • Reporting via Ivanti Xtraction 

Part of a complete IAM solution 

Ivanti Password Director is based upon the self-service password reset functionality in Ivanti Identity Director, our identity and access management solution. The proven technology has been deployed by Ivanti Identity Director customers globally and is now available as a standalone solution in Ivanti Password Director. 

Businesses and other organizations can get started with Ivanti Password Director to fulfill their immediate password-reset needs. Then, when they are ready, they can grow into Ivanti Identity Director to add identity management and access governance functionality, including automated user provisioning and deprovisioning and workflow automation, in one unified solution. 

More information about Ivanti’s newest solution can be found on the Ivanti Password Director product page on the Ivanti website. 

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Ivanti License Optimizer 2018.6 further improves ease of use, efficiency, and accuracy 

Enhanced importing capabilities, improved notifications, even better contract matching  

The 2018.5 version of License Optimizer was all about ease of use, efficiency, and enhanced accuracy. 2018.6 builds on this and further enhances importing capabilities, improves alerting and notifications in the UI and makes contract matching even better.  

Enhanced import functionality 

  • Significant performance improvements to the time required to import business units 
  • Ability to import device cluster information from Discovery Services 
  • Disabling and removal of legacy License Import Types 
  • Additional robustness and resilience to import services to prevent timeouts or failures 

Improved notifications 

  • Enhanced error messages in the UI to provide greater clarity on issues 
  • Enhanced import log files to provide greater feedback to end users 
  • UI messages to provide further feedback to users about other running imports when queuing new imports 

Improved contract matching 

  • Additional fields on the Contracts page to allow automated matching to licenses 
  • Ability to automatically associate MLS licenses and standard template licenses with contracts 

License Recognition Disassociation 

  • Ability to “unteach” license phrases previously matched to DSL products 

Free Demo: License Optimizer for Clients: Discover Your Savings Potential


Updates for Image Capture, Voice, Localization 

Multimodal data capture highlight Velocity 2.0.7 release 

Need to document the condition of a delivery? Just launch the mobile device’s camera from within Velocity and photo documentation can be added in the task workflow. On the voice front, Speakeasy for Velocity now supports Portuguese.  We’ve also introduced AccuSpeech support for telnet apps. This means that AccuSpeech users can keep their existing voice client even as they migrate telnet to Velocity apps. For developers, our Rapid online platform is now localized in nine languages for easy migration and modernization across the global supply chain.

Read more about what's new in this release.  

Webinar: Easily Migrate to Android Using Modular Smartphone Solutions


Ivanti Package Studio

Download it today 

There are many steps, checks, and tests involved in creating packages for software distribution. Many an IT person has wished someone or something could ease their pain and make software packaging simpler—a packaging solution with pre-packaged content. Now there is Ivanti Package Studio, an add on to Ivanti Unified Endpoint Manager and Endpoint Manager. Package Studio reduces packaging steps to only minutes for what often requires hours of work.  To get more information or to download Ivanti Packaging Studio, please go to the Ivanti Marketplace


5 Reasons Why You Need UWM More Than Ever  

In our latest blog and whitepaper find out why you need User Workspace Manager more than ever to enhance user experience and protect endpoints. 

New and Updated Datasheets 

Find out how User Workspace Manager smooths migrations, improves user experience and slashes costs in this new datasheet, and learn about the major benefits of Environment Manager in this updated datasheet

RES Workspace and Ivanti User Workspace Manager – Merger Update 

In this blog learn about the features we plan to add to User Workspace Manager to make it easier to migrate from Ivanti Workspace Control (formerly RES Workspace).