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Ivanti Automation 2019.3 Available October 24 

Check out all the highlights in Ivanti’s Automation 2019.3 release, available on October 24, including increased visibility through timestamps and for agent mapping, enhancements to agent management, and more. 

Timestamp Last Usage 

Enables administrators to see date and time usage of modules, project and run books. 

Dispatcher to Agent Mapping 

Provides ability to see which agents are connected to a specific dispatcher. 

Ability to Remove Duplicate Agents 

In some rare cases, the agent creates a duplicate of its own registration in the database, resulting in two agents with same name in the database, one offline, and one online. Simply deleting the offline agent caused loss of job history. Now when deleting the offline agent, the job history of the offline agent is moved to the job history of the new online agent.  

Reset Agent – Linux & Unix Agents 

Provides ability to reset/restart an agent from the console if an agent becomes unresponsive or hung.  

Allow Multiple Console Windows 

Provides ability to open more than one console window on the same machine, which is particularly useful if you need to copy/paste code from one module to another. 

Improve Licensing Information on Licensing Tab in Console 

The Licensing Tab in Console has been updated to provide visibility of the number of servers and desktop licenses consumed/available, along with point calculation.  

For further details about Automation 2019.3, check out the release notes

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Patch for SCCM promotes proactive updates and reduces time to script deployment 

The latest Patch for SCCM release, version 2019.2, enables a proactive approach to software updates. Here’s how - a new recommended update feature uses inventory scans performed by SCCM to provide a list of updates based on software detected in your environment. Through smart filters, you have the flexibility to publish manually or automatically, depending on your preference. 

We’ve also introduced a custom patch template option so that you can save time when deploying scripts and custom files. By creating templates, you can deploy and apply a script each time an update is released.  

For more enhancements available with this release, check out the product documentation. 


"Global Academy’s content was engaging, deep, varied, and did a great job explaining the ‘why’ as well as the ‘how.’” - Colin Murphy, ITSM Admin 

Ivanti® Global Academy is a comprehensive, self-paced training environment that enables customers to be successful with Ivanti products. Our online platform delivers role-based content that allows users to learn what, when, and how they want.  

Ivanti customers can request a free account by emailing [email protected] to access limited content. To gain access to our full catalog, you can purchase a subscription from the Global Academy Store or contact your sales representative.  

Global Academy continues to steadily grow with over 1,400 subscribing customers and over 7,700 total users. We want every Ivanti customer to know how to use Ivanti products and get the promised value! Customer onboarding and success is our top priority! 

Latest Releases 

New Global Academy Courses  

Our valiant instructional design team continues to develop new training content at a steady pace. This month, we have 16 new training courses for Service Manager, User Workspace Manager, Endpoint Manager, Asset Manager, Automation, Identity Director, and Security Controls. Access these courses via our new Course Catalog, which provides you with convenient hyperlinks. 

Expanded Blended Learning 

We continue to expand our Blended Learning Paths to enable customer success. These new learning paths include on-demand content, as well as Instructor-led activities where learners participate in live discussions and virtual labs with technical experts and certified instructors.  Current Blended Learning paths are available for Service Manager and Endpoint Manager, with additional Blended Learning paths coming later this year. Learn more about our Blended Learning program


Ivanti Cloud is continually updated and there are many updates this month; however, the updates mentioned below are the ones that include enhanced alerts, notifications, and integration of information about patches. 

Ivanti Cloud Real-Time intelligence — Updates include several queries with integrated alerts. These queries and alerts help IT continue to be proactive in how they find and eliminate issues that reduce user productivity. The Real-time queries with alerts that have been enhanced include: 

  • Windows reliability index — Set a minimum reliability threshold for Windows endpoints, so that IT is notified when devices falls below that threshold 
  • Sessions idle time — Set an alert for extended device session times and perform actions on sessions such as logoff, lock or restart machine 
  • Fast start-up — Notifies when changes have been made to the fast start-up setting on endpoints, so IT can troubleshoot machines with slower logins 
  • Device uptime — Can be set to trigger an alert if the device has a pending reboot in order to install important updates 

Notify user —This new task allows IT to notify a device user about actions that will happen to the device and whether the user needs to do anything or not. 

Patch Intelligence —There is now a cross-link with the Real-time query for missing patches. The cross-link allows IT to go directly to Patch Intelligence from any missing patch in the Real-time query to find further information about related CVE’s and known implementation issues. The missing patches query has also been updated to include a “publish date” for each patch in the missing patches lists