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License Optimizer improves software reclamation workflow with ability to log an incident in Service/Asset Manager 

The latest version of License Optimizer provides continued sustainment, performance and content enhancements. Ivanti customers now have a new software asset action available in License Optimizer to improve their experience with the software reclamation process. In cases, where License Optimizer identifies software over-usage, a request can now be passed into Service/Asset Manager to automatically kickoff the incident ticket creation and workflow to reclaim the software license. The workflow will check whether it is ok to remove the software and will update on the reharvest and reclamation status. This improves the software data and helps customers further optimize their license spend. View this short video to see how you can easily identify opportunities to reclaim and log an incident in Service Manager. 


Service Manager 2020.1 release coming soon  

We’re excited by the coming Service Manager 2020.1 release for cloud deployments, scheduled to be available in April. This new release makes it easier for Service Manager to support non-IT scenarios with new pre-packaged content to automate more Human Resources process and workflows. Your analysts will like the new capabilities in the Mobile app to help them be more productive while on the go. Also look for additional Single Sign-On (SSO) options to further reduce administration requirements, along with increased compatibility and integration with Microsoft solutions. 

Learn more about the release by viewing the “What’s New” webinar for Service Manager and Asset Manager. Stay on top of the Service Manager 2020.1 release dates and other updates by checking the Ivanti Community. When available, you’ll be able to download the 2020.1 release for on premises deployment from the Community here.  

Find more Service Manager documentation in the Product Documentation section of the Ivanti website. 

Ivanti Assistants will bring Cloud-based Bots to help Service Desk teams  

Service management and help desk teams are continuously asked to do more without a corresponding increase in staff or resources. If you sometimes feel like you’re one of those teams, you’ll want to learn more about Ivanti Assistants, a new family of cloud-based automation bots to provide you with your own 24x7 virtual support team. This new suite of automation bots will not only free up the load on your IT teams, but also allow your agents to more proactively connect with your end users to help fix issues that would normally have gone unreported or ignored. 

Ivanti will offer four Ivanti Assistants for security and compliance, business continuity, user productivity, and resource optimization. Each Assistant will run through a series of regularly scheduled checks across an organization’s end users’ devices to determine where end users are experiencing challenges. With Ivanti Assistants, any issue detected by the cloud-based automation bot can either drive immediate automated correction – such as switching a firewall back on, or if the issue is not immediately resolved, the Assistant can create an Incident in Ivanti Service Manager. 

Learn more about Ivanti Assistants in the Service Manager 2020.1 release “What’s New” webinar

Learn more about Ivanti Cloud.  


Ivanti Cloud Now with More Remote Capabilities 

As IT departments work to satisfy the expectations of users, supporting them through remote capabilities goes a long way in meeting expectations and improving service and support efficiencies. 

Now with remote-control in Ivanti Cloud IT organizations can analyze systems, resolve problems, and reduce desk-side visits. Control nearly any desktop remotely from any device with secure, browser-based access. 

And for those super common remote tasks, we’ve enabled remote problem resolution. Now Ivanti Cloud has visibility into a device’s task manager, the ability to start and stop services, network outage troubleshooting, and script execution, all without a remote-control session. 

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