Q4 / 2023 Product Releases

Reduce friction between cybersecurity and IT operations

Why this release is important

Enhancing Security & Compliance

Leverage a range of new automations and integrations to enhance the efficiency and effectiveness of vulnerability and patch management.

Streamline IT Operations

Improve logon performance insights, proactive IT incident response, and enhanced user experience.

Customer Requests

Your feedback is invaluable to us as we continuously improve our solutions and services to best meet your needs.

Digital Employee Experience (DEX) / Ivanti Neurons Platform

Improve operational excellence, ease of use and security to further enhance your overall digital employee experience.

Release Notes

What's New

Ivanti Neurons for Discovery

New connectors for Microsoft Defender for Endpoint, CrowdStrike, Intune, and Entra ID BYOD filters. Also, a Virtual Vulnerability Scanner (Exposures) to identify vulnerabilities and take remediation actions.

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Ivanti Neurons for Edge Intelligence

Improved logon performance insights, proactive IT incident response, and enhanced user experience. New features: group policy duration, edge monitoring, and flexible date/time parameters for customization.

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Ivanti Neurons for Healing

App Distribution in the cloud to deploy apps to users' devices quickly and easily. Introducing enhancements to survey management in bots (Early Access/Phased Rollout). You can also now create drafts of bots.

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Ivanti Neurons Workspace

Empower analysts to roll out remediation to multiple devices under their jurisdiction with the new custom bulk actions capability.

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Service & Asset Management

Enhance the user experience in ITSM, ITAM, Spend Intelligence and Line of Business solutions to prioritize ease of use of service and asset management applications.

Ivanti Neurons for ITSM

Unlock even more service management adoption across your organization with an enhanced user experience.

Release Notes

Ivanti Neurons for ITAM

Visually plan and look back on what organizations are spending by assets for a given year, for a specirfic business unity, or based on asset type. Generate an order with CDW to automate order processing.

Release Notes

Ivanti Neurons for Spend Intelligence

Consume and display usage data from Ivanti Neurons for Discovery to identify cost savings. Customers can view software usage data on a single page to better understand what applications may be under-utilized.

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Ivanti Neurons for Service Mapping

New CyberArk and Jira Service Management integration, Azure SQL managed instances discovery and enhanced MSSQL discovery options. Neurons for ITSM and Cherwell SM synch and other discovery improvements.

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Keep your organization safe from cyberadversaries with a range of enhancements to Ivanti's network and endpoint security offerings.

Ivanti Connect Secure

Ensures Day-0 support for the client and enhancements to Co-Exsistance with ZTA deployments.

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Ivanti Neurons for Secure Access

Includes many configuration management enchancements as well as licensing updates to better enable the use of UAL licensing.

Release Notes

Ivanti Neurons for ZTA

Extends deployment support onto Oracle Cloud and integration with Ivanti MDM for enhanced policy configuration. Also includes UI/UX enhancements.

Release Notes

Ivanti Neurons for RBVM

Easily access subsets of findings that meet your defined criteria with a collections feature that enables users to categorize findings based on attributes like vulnerability severity, asset group or tags.

Release Notes

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Ivanti Neurons for ASOC

Achieve an even wider view of cyber risk thanks to the addition of new and enhancements to existing out-of-the-box integrations with third-party app scanners like Rapid7 InsightAppSec and Checkmarx SCA.

Release Notes

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Ivanti Neurons for Vulnerability Knowledge Base

Find in-depth intelligence on the latest critical vulnerabilities — like those recently added to the CISA KEV — through new and updated system views.

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Ivanti Neurons for Patch Management

Spend less time on manual patch admin work with new automation features. Customize automatic patch deployment options by severity, context action or monthly occurrence of a weekday.

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Ivanti Neurons Patch for Intune

Customize your experience with new user-defined custom apps and content-defined app icons — two features created in response to customer requests.

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Unified Endpoint Management

Support advanced frontline worker use cases and improve user experience by providing a simplified and secure digital experience for frontline workers to access and manage their work.

Ivanti Neurons for MDM

New ease of use and modern capabilities for frontline ops, incl. VR support and Android functionalities. Google BeyondCorp (BETA) integration for Zero Trust Model and advanced device compliance for MAC/Windows.

Release Notes

Ivanti Endpoint Manager

Provide a modern experience, enhance visibility and insights, continued support for latest OS versions, and IPv6. macOS patching and end user mouse pointer visibility are also enhanced.

Security Productivity Apps

Delegate mailbox management, share multiple files with Docs@Work, set Web@Work as default browser, and enjoy MS-Office support. Boost efficiency and collaboration effortlessly.

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Ivanti Endpoint Manager Mobile (EPMM)

Enhanced device security and IT efficiency by supporting cellular private network geofencing capability on iOS17 and account driven user enrollement on macOS14.

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Ivanti Access

New Conditional Access device ownership and access rules improve security, efficiency, and user experience by easily monitoring devices, customizing authentication, and providing secure access.

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Ivanti Incapptic Connect

New integration with Apple's TestFlight app testing platform for easier beta testing of apps, faster feedback, and improved quality control for developers.

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Ivanti User Workspace Manager

Manage your UWM agents and configurations from Ivanti Neurons. For the first time, you can deploy packages from the cloud to endpoints outside of your corporate network.

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