Product updates and releases covered in this newsletter:  

  • Security  
  • Service and Asset Management  
  • User Workspace Management 
  • Unified Endpoint Management  
  • Reporting 
  • Extended Products Group  


Ivanti Neurons for Patch Management 

Today marks the release of the all-new Ivanti Neurons for Patch Management. This cloud-native patch management solution helps organizations better protect against threats, including ransomware, by arming them with actionable intelligence on active risk exposure, patch reliability and device compliance, health and risk. 

Ivanti Neurons for Patch Management delivers a single pane of glass experience that provides visibility into the devices that it manages in the cloud alongside those managed via on-prem Ivanti patch management solutions. This enables existing Ivanti Security Controls and Ivanti Patch for Endpoint Manager customers to transition from on-premises to cloud patch management at their own pace instead of being forced into a “rip and replace” approach. 

Additionally, existing Ivanti Neurons customers can expand their cloud-native capabilities to include Ivanti Neurons for Patch Management to evolve their vulnerability remediation strategy to a risk-based approach. 

Learn more about Ivanti Neurons for Patch Management

Service and Asset Management

Improving the Digital Employee Experience 

We are excited to announce the release of new AI powered enhancements to improve the digital employee experience for service management interactions. One key component is the new Ivanti Neurons Digital Assistant, which is a Virtual Support Agent (VSA) that harnesses the power of Conversational AI to further automate the resolution of employee questions, issues and requests.  

This is critical as call volumes to service desks have risen during the pandemic, resulting in high operating costs and reduced employee productivity and satisfaction. It will now be easier for IT teams to automate employee workflows, such as resetting passwords and ordering approved equipment, while delivering 24x7 coverage for the Everywhere Workplace. The scalable solution comes with billions of understood phrases while continually learning and improving with every employee interaction. Departments beyond IT, such as HR and Facilities, can also benefit from more self-service automation, as the solution can be leveraged as part of an Enterprise Service Management strategy. To learn more about how Conversational AI can improve the service delivery experience, join this upcoming webinar

Additionally, we are providing new automated ticket classification capabilities in Ivanti Neurons for Healing to improve the accuracy of initial incident classification and associated follow up activities and workflows, which Ivanti Neurons for ITSM customers can benefit from.  Through these AI powered enhancements, Ivanti customers can achieve outcomes such as resolving up to 80% of issues before they are reported, decreasing phone calls to the help desk by 43%, and deflecting overall ticket volume by 64%. Read the press release. 

Finally, we have added new functionality to the Ivanti Neurons hyperautomation solution to further improve the employee experience, security and overall operational excellence: 

Improve the IT and employee experience

With the enhancements to the device stability and internet latency dashboards, administrators can make more informed decisions on device support. You can easily drill down on devices with multiple system failures, application errors and boot degradation or rollup internet latency reports across your whole IT estate. Add these to your favorite queries to easily access and regularly monitor, for instance, the latency for specific SaaS applications in your organization. We have also improved the event logging capabilities beyond warnings and errors to include information-level events such as which employees requested authorization to an application to better prioritize service and proactively manage service disruptions and improve the employee experience. 

Better usability and access control

With people and device scopes capabilities, IT admins can limit the “people” or “devices” their teams have visibility over and take action on for more granular access control. In order to aid troubleshooting and debugging, the TransferCache folder on the endpoint now contains a log file for each message saved.  The folder is secured so that the contents can only be viewed by authorized administrators.  

Improve device visibility

You can now easily expand your view of devices into all your sites, IP ranges and segregated networks with locally configured scanners and eliminate the need for remote inventory or SNMP scans. 

Accurate and actionable asset data for Cherwell customers

Ivanti Neurons for Discovery connector provides automatic asset discovery and population of the asset management and configuration management databases for Cherwell Service and Asset management customers for accurate and actionable asset information in minutes.  

Expand Linux operating system support

We have improved support for Red Hat 7 and CentOS 7. Support for additional Linux distributions is planned throughout the year.  To learn more about the capabilities in the latest Ivanti Neurons 2022.1 release, please watch the Momentum Webinar recording

Coming Soon: Next Cloud Release For Ivanti Neurons for ITSM & ITAM  

It’s time to start getting ready for the next Ivanti Neurons for ITSM and Ivanti Neurons for ITAM for cloud deployments, release 2022.1, scheduled to be generally available starting in April. This new release will deliver several enhancements such as updates to Favorites and new Accessibility capabilities. We’re also working on new functionality for managing consumable assets, along with other enhancements and ongoing improvements to help you improve your service and asset management experiences and results.  

Keep an eye on the Ivanti Community for our upcoming “What’s New” session for the 2022.1 release, which should be posted in early February. We’ll cover the release and associated important dates, including the pilot phase starting in mid-February. Please contact your Customer Success Manager or Ivanti Support by February 14th if you’d like to participate in the release pilot.  

Stay on top of progress for the 2022.1 release by checking the Ivanti Community and the Cloud Change Calendar.  

Ivanti Neurons for ITSM & ITAM 2021.4 and Ivanti Voice 2021.3 Now Available For On-Premises Deployments 

The 2021.4 release for Ivanti Neurons for ITSM and Ivanti Neurons for ITAM for on-premises deployment is available for download. This new release delivers several enhancements such as visual warnings when another analyst is editing the same record for Incidents, Service Requests or other Business Objects. You’ll also want to see the new accessibility enhancements in the UI and barcode reader functionality to improve the user experience.  And do check out the governance and compliance improvements with new auditing, logging and reporting capabilities for data access events. 

Learn more about this release by viewing the “What’s New” session for Ivanti Neurons for ITSM and Ivanti Neurons for ITAM. You can download the 2021.4 release from the Ivanti Community here. And don’t forget to check for the latest Ivanti Voice update, release 2021.3, available for download here

Find more Service and Asset Management documentation in the Product Documentation section of the Ivanti website. 

Ivanti Neurons for ITAM  

Ivanti Neurons for ITAM introduces a new feature that allows users to enable manual scanning when using the barcode scanning feature. Now a technician using a smartphone for barcode scanning can initiate a scan using a button interface complete with audio and vibration feedback (mimicking the function of a traditional handheld scanner.) Additionally, we have added the ability to turn off the camera while not scanning to preserve battery life.   

Ivanti Neurons for Spend Intelligence  

Ivanti Neurons for Spend Intelligence accelerates and simplifies spend management with improvements to the import templates to make importing contract and transaction records simpler and more robust.   

User Workspace Management

Ivanti Application Control for Linux  

Ivanti Application Control for Linux brings popular capabilities from Ivanti Application Control for Windows to Linux. This release builds on the successful launch of the tool with an enhanced user interface that includes server log access, enhanced device insights and audit logs and manifest auto-updates.  

Unified Endpoint Management

Ivanti Neurons for MDM R81 

Ivanti Neurons for MDM introduces new features and enhancements across all OS platform – Windows, iOS and Android.  For Windows, Ivanti Neurons for MDM R81 fully supports Autopilot including Pre-Provisioned and Self-Deploying mode that help automate Windows device enrollment. For Apple (iOS and macOS), we’ve added more features that improve security on device, apps and data.  For Android, we’ve added new features from Android 12 that streamline process of managing COSU (Corporate Owned Single Use) devices.  

Ivanti Endpoint Manager Mobile (EPMM) 11.5

Ivanti Endpoint Manager Mobile (EPMM) introduces new features and enhancements across all OS platform – Windows, iOS and Android.  For Windows, Windows 11 enrolled devices are supported and can be managed by EPMM 11.5. For Apple (iOS and macOS), we’ve implemented new iOS 15 features including Managed Pasteboard and Account Driven User Enrollment that enhance security on device, apps, and data.  For Android, we’ve added new features from Android 12 that enhance device security and IT admin experience.  

Ivanti Neurons for MDM

Ivanti Neurons for MDM has enhanced features on Productivity Apps, AAD Device Compliance and Secure Connectivity.  New features in productivity apps improve productivity and user experience especially using mobile devices.  Also, enhanced features in AAD improve user experience.  


Ivanti Xtraction 

We are excited to announce the latest release of Ivanti Xtraction 2021.4 that comes with many new features requested by our customers including: 

  • Ability to connect to cloud data sources 
  • Export data to CSV 
  • Conditional formatting on datetime fields 
  • Updated connectors and much more 

Please review the release notes and documentation on Ivanti Community for details about these improvements and updates. 

Extended Products Group  

Ivanti Workspace Control 2022.1 

Ivanti Workspace Control continues to add customer-requested feature enhancements with each release and the 2022.1 release continues this trend by including the following capabilities:   

Ivanti Start Menu for Windows 11: Workspace Control can now be configured to replace the Start Menu of Microsoft Windows 11 with the Ivanti Start Menu. 

Authorized Owners: A new security feature allows applications to be started only if the NTFS executable file owner matches one of the defined Authorized Owners, providing a very effective layer of security with minimal administrative overhead. 

Logon Performance Overview: Provides admins enhanced diagnostics capabilities via statistics on Workspace Control session logons including average logon time, maximum logon time and the ability to drill down per computer. 

Ivanti Ideas / User Voice: A whole range of customers requests have been implemented in areas such as event logs, search enhancements, export enhancements and many more.  Check out the Release Notes for all the details. 

Ivanti Device and Application Control 2022.1 

The 2022.1 release introduces two significant new features: 

Cloud Drive Management: This new feature is in “Early Adopter” status in this release so go ahead and try it out and tell us what you think.  The feature provides the ability to control data traffic to and from cloud storage locations, such as OneDrive. 

Allow/Deny PowerShell scripts: You now have the ability to allow or deny PowerShell scripts in a similar way to VB scripts which really adds to the security capabilities in the product.  PowerShell scripts can be allowed or denied based on hash verification.  

We’ve also improved our reports.  All reports are now created as a *.csv file, in addition to a *.HTML file, making them much easier to be utilized.  And we’ve expanded our OS support to include Windows 10 21h3, Windows 11 and MacOS Monterey devices. 

Ivanti Identity Director 2022.1 

In the 2022.1 release we’ve added Access Certifications, a much-requested customer feature, which provides organizations with a centralized way of verifying that the right access still belongs to the right people, as employees move through the company and change roles and responsibilities. 

We’ve also made improvements to Multi-Factor Authentication, enabling it to be enforced throughout the environment, as well as some Password Management enhancements, allowing for the use of software authenticators to verify the identity of the user while doing password reset. 

Ivanti Service Desk 2022.1 

Following the introduction of Chat to Service Desk in 2021, we’ve now further enhanced this feature in 2022.1 by adding support for embedded hyperlinks, for chat on mobile devices as well as the ability to manually switch the Chat feature online or offline.   

Ivanti Desktop & Server Management 2021.1 SU1 

The latest service update for DSM fixes a significant number of customer issues and also introduces an improved Xtraction Dashboard for DSM, which includes a new Depot Distribution view showing the packages currently being distributed per depot.