Enhanced vulnerability prioritization and remediation, new actionable insights and enhanced analyst experience.

Q3 / 2023 Product Releases

Why this release is important

Integrated Vulnerability Prioritization and Remediation

Drive from vulnerability prioritization to remediation on Windows and macOS devices more quickly and easily than ever with an integration linking Ivanti Neurons for RBVM to Ivanti Neurons for Patch Management.

Actionable Insights

Introducing a new landing page experience that provides clear views of devices, users, and organizational DEX score KPIs for better actionable insights and informed decision making.

Ease of Use & Experience

Enhanced search capabilities, more options for interactive quantitative/qualitative surveys, and expanded bots stages directly in ITSM. App Distribution within Ivanti Neurons for UEM improves IT Analyst experience.

Digital Employee Experience (DEX) / Ivanti Neurons Platform

Use a central dashboard to view all your IT metrics, optimize efficiency, and employee productivity. Review and drill into device, people, and organizational DEX scores to better understand issues and make informed decisions on how to best remediate.

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What's New

Ivanti Neurons for Discovery

Increased value for customers by decoupling the agent policy (now included as part of Neurons Platform SKU), added new connector for Microsoft Defender, and new Azure AD group filter.

Ivanti Neurons for Edge Intelligence

Continuing to enhance configurability to edge monitoring including trend information.

Ivanti Neurons for Healing

Use bots to create ITSM ticket stages & update events against CI. Collect qualitative user info to confirm symptoms or context of poor survey result. Capture quantitative rating with star/emoji/radio button.

Ivanti Neurons Workspace

New DEX Score views per individual user and across your entire organization. Create People groups for quick filtering. Application and network performance insights with Catchpoint connector.

Service & Asset Management

Enhance the admin experience in ITSM, ITAM, Spend Intelligence and Line of Business solutions to prioritize ease of use of service and asset management applications.

Ivanti Neurons for ITSM

Improve the employee experience with enhanced search capabilities that allow you to provide more relevant search results and visible user DEX scores to help your team better prioritize tickets according to device health and stick to their SLAs.

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Ivanti Neurons for ITAM

Effectly manage the costs associated with IT assets by integrating financial data and real-time financial insights in Ivanti Neurons for ITAM.

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Ivanti Neurons for PPM

Elevate the Analyst experience with enhanced resourcing, program deliverables, and project templates in Ivanti Neurons for PPM.

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Ivanti Neurons for GRC

Introducing Vendor Risk Management and a new GRC Analyst role as well as updates to Controls in Ivanti Neurons for GRC.

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Ivanti Neurons for Spend Intelligence

Provide additional analytics to the reclamation opportunities view and customers are now able to specify when a license is unlimited in Ivanti Neurons for Spend Intelligence.

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Ivanti Neurons for Service Mapping

Expanded discovery and relationship mapping for MySQL and Apache servers, enhanced SSL certificate discovery and several integration improvements for Neurons for ITSM and Cherwell Service Manager.

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Better defend against cyberattacks with a new risk-based vulnerability and patch management solution from Ivanti. This integrated offering unites security and IT ops in their common goal of managing cyber risk.

Ivanti Connect Secure

Provides wide ranging enhancements to IPv6 support, REST API updates and Advanced HTML improvements. Also includes OAuth enhancements for Singpass integration.

Ivanti Neurons for Secure Access

Refines core functionality by enhancing Configuration Sync and Universal Access Licensing to better meet customer needs.

Ivanti Neurons for ZTA

Streamlines the admin workflow with updates to Anomaly Detection views and enhances security with location-based admin access policies.

Release Notes

Ivanti Neurons for RBVM

Add prioritized vulnerabilities directly to new or existing patch groups in Ivanti Neurons for Patch Management from within Ivanti Neurons for RBVM. No more sending CSVs of CVE IDs via email and chat.

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Ivanti Neurons for ASOC

Add up to 20 custom properties to groups, assets and findings to create more personalized reports and dashboards and unlock other benefits. Also available in Ivanti Neurons for RBVM.

Release Notes

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Ivanti Neurons for Vulnerability Knowledge Base

Easily access intel on the critical vulnerabilities currently making headlines – like those addressed in the latest Patch Tuesday updates – through a range of all-new system views.

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Ivanti Neurons for Patch Management

Receive lists of prioritized CVEs from Security right inside the product, eliminating the need to hunt them down in email, chat or ticketing systems, and streamlining patching of Windows and macOS devices.

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Ivanti Neurons Patch for Intune

Get up and running faster and easier with an improved onboarding experience. Once onboarding is complete, manage app updates for each department in your organization in alignment with your Intune scope setup.

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Unified Endpoint Management

Continue to enhance IT efficiency and device security with new device and app mangement capabliites. Support advanced frontline worker use cases and improve user experience.

Ivanti Neurons for MDM

New Declarative Device Management Phase 1 support for Apple (iOS/iPad OS16, MacOS13), new enhancements for Android, Mac and Windows devices, and enhanced Admin and App Management capabilities.

Release Notes

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Ivanti Endpoint Manager

New Application Distribution tool for Windows-only environments on the Neurons platform (early preview stage), improved macOS patching capabilities, and removal of ports 80 and 9595 for security enhancement.

Security Productivity Apps

Docs@Work ability to scan to PDF (iOS), transfer files to Docs@Work (Android), and FilePass application now supports MS-Office app (MS-365).

Release Notes

Ivanti Endpoint Manager Mobile (EPMM)

Initial integration release with Lookout. EPMM customers now have an option to choose Ivanti Neurons for Mobile Threat Defense w/ Lookout as their MTD solution.