manage, secure and deliver it for a remote workforceYour organization’s employees depend on multiple devices, and each should be personalized to their business needs. However, managing those endpoints demands coverage of both the user experience and the device. With Ivanti, you gain that coverage with an integrated, total-picture management experience.

Modern Management or Modern Mayhem—You Choose

Many organizations are experiencing an overload of devices to manage, both corporate owned and BYOD. Put an end to the complexities of a separate enterprise mobility management system. Simplify enterprise mobility alongside your users’ other endpoints. Apply policies and actions, or provide apps and services to the user, but let the solution’s intelligence determine which devices get what. No one else can do this like Ivanti, because they don’t offer the underlying management integration for all the systems users carry:

  • Windows
  • macOS
  • Linux
  • Unix
  • iOS
  • Android
  • IoT

You won’t find other UEM vendors supporting as many versions of the previously mentioned operating systems—they often support only the latest version, and leverage only the features the OS vendors give access to. However, if you’re trying to decide between the breadth of devices with modern management or the depth management from traditional client management, you don’t have to choose. You can manage both and get more with less effort when doing co-management through a single Ivanti console.

Manage Users, Not Just Their Devices

Managing the device is only half the equation to deliver greater user productivity. Another big part is managing the experience on that device. You also need to simplify desktop configurations, improve logon times, and optimize the user experience. That means personalizing the experience and securing the user workspace across physical, virtual, and cloud desktops to simplify things like Windows 10 migrations, ease Office 365 adoption, and exceed user productivity SLAs.

Windows 10—Easy to Migrate, Easier to Manage

Invested in Windows desktops and laptops, but not on the latest version? It’s time to make the move and Ivanti can help. When it comes to Windows 10 migrations, Ivanti’s unified endpoint and workspace solutions help you:

  • Identify which machines can make the move
  • Move all the users’ data files
  • Migrate the users’ profiles and personalization
  • Leverage modern management provisioning like Microsoft Autopilot—without needing Intune—to achieve zero-touch provisioning from hardware vendors

This provides your users with a clean, familiar Windows 10 workspace. However, Windows 10 doesn’t stop there, you have to keep up with the channels, and Ivanti helps make that easy, being that we’re the leader in patching solutions. Stage each release and push it out automatically through a ring management process.

Dig Deeper, Move Faster, Show Results

Xtraction consolidates data from multiple sources and tools and presents it in one place. Pre-built data connectors mean no coding, no BI gurus, and definitely no spreadsheets. View your data in context and make smarter, faster decisions with ease. The Xtraction dashboards also help showcase the work each team is doing, so management sees your success and understands more clearly the priorities you’re working on.

Fusion of Endpoints, Workspaces, and Silent Security

Why stop at the endpoint or even the user experience? Why not integrate operational security measures as part of your endpoint and workspace management? OS and thirdparty application patching is a simple, quick add-on. The same is true with endpoint security capabilities, which gives you security controls over AV, device control, application control, and sophisticated privilege management. The key is that many of these add-on capabilities integrate in the same management console for a seamless experience that secure end user devices without interfering with user productivity.

Unified Endpoint and Workspace Solutions

Ivanti Unified Endpoint Manager—Ivanti UEM or IUEM—increases user and IT productivity by helping IT administrators gather detailed device data, automate software and OS deployments, personalize workspace environments, and fix user issues quickly. Ivanti UEM is the leading solution that extrapolates and manages the user profile, so it can be on any Windows device, while letting IT analysts and admins do their magic for all devices from one management experience—not through two, three, four or more consoles. Ivanti UEM integrates the following three products:

  • Endpoint Manager – Manage all popular device types, including Windows (physical and virtual), macOS, Linux, Unix, iOS, Android, Apple TV, and Raspberry Pi.
  • Environment Manager Policy – Replace slow and complex logon scripts and GPOs to deliver fast logon times for users with minimal effort from IT.
  • Data Analytics – Discover detailed asset data, extend data using connectors for vendors’ warranty information, and normalize data for better data consistency and reporting.

Ivanti User Workspace Manager—UWM—simplifies desktop configuration, cuts IT costs, and secures user sessions while virtual, and cloud desktops. Make life easier for roaming users, improve login times, and forget about those GPOs. Improve the overall user experience for Microsoft 365 users. Ivanti UWM integrates the following three products:

  • Environment Manager – Improve the user experience by providing on-demand personalization and finegrained, contextual policy control.
  • File Director – Effortless migration of user files to Microsoft OneDrive cloud storage eliminates data sprawl and reduces on-premises storage costs.
  • Performance Manager – Patented resource control ensures fast application and desktop response and enables more users per server.

A Key Part of Unified IT

Although Ivanti offers the industry’s best integrated endpoint and workspace management solutions, the full potential of Unified IT is unleashed when you integrate them with multiple facets of IT. Ivanti endpoint management and workspace products are part of the greater UEM product family.